Somali Islamic Movement Condemns Piracy As Criminal Act

Somali Islamic Movement Condemns Piracy As Criminal Act
An official source in the Somali Islamic "Reform Movement"  described in statements to ikhwanweb the piracy by some Somalis as "criminal acts" out of financial or subversive motivations, and that it is a kind of banditry, according to the legitimate term, which is rejected by Islam, so it must be condemned and eliminated.
The source attributed this piracy to the absence of effective Somali government since 1991, and to the lack of security and stability, in addition to the diffusion of weapons in the hands of the people after the breakdown of the Somali army, where bandit groups began to appear throughout Somalia at the beginning of the nineties, in order to loot people"s properties or to take invalid royalties by force. 
The source described this piracy as being an organized crime affecting the Somali community and the international community, in addition to hindering trade in the waterways near the Somali coast, and the humanitarian relief supplies directed to the stricken people of Somalia.
The source demanded the Arab countries and the international community to participate in handling the problem of piracy according to the appropriate means, confirming that the most successful means in this regard is to establish an effective Somali government that could impose its power upon its territories and it seas, and could apply law within its borders.
He also advised Somali groups involved in those criminal acts of piracy to fear God, to abide by legitimate means in acquiring their livelihood, and not to give chances for more foreign interventions in the country"s affairs.