Somalia: Islah’s Statement on US Strikes, Emergency Law

 The Somali scene is witnessing, nowadays, successive changes after the fights between the forces of the Union of Islamic Courts and the Somali government army backed by Ethiopian forces, allowing both Somali president Abdullah Youssef, and Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Ghedi to return to the capital, Mogadishu, where they are holding continuous meetings with ex- Somali presidents and all sections of society, and tribal leadersa.

According to its general principles and policies during this phase, Harakat Al-Islah (Reform Movement) in Somalia declares the following:
1-The Reform Movement denounces strongly the US air strikes, that claimed lives of many civilians, and livestocks, and caused huge damages to environment; the movement considers

that these acts may lead to hostility and hatred, and are contradicting with all international charters, particularly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2-The Reform Movement expresses its deep worry towardes the state of emergency which is imposed on the country; the state of emergency may lead to more problems and aggressions on

the main rights of the Somali citizen.
3-The Reform Movement believes that the solution of the Somali crisis lies in holding a national reconciliation, dialogue,and mutual tolerance- instead of this infighting- in

addition to working hard in order to establish governmental bodies that can perform their duties; the movement supports the arrival of president and Prime Minister to Mogadishu, and

their positive consultations that they are holding with the former presidents, institutions of the society and tribal leaders; the movement considers this move a step towards the

right course for solving the stuck problems in the country.

4-The movement supports the view of the unified civil society in the current Somali state issued last Jan. 7, 2007, and supports the good offices carried out by the civil society

institutions in activating the security, national reconciliation and social services.
5-The Reform Movement calls on the Somali people, specially the capital residents, for solving their disagreements as soon as possible, to close ranks to participate in the efforts for building a united Somali country to get out of the dark tunnel.
6.The movement sends an urgent call to the countries all over the world, particularly Arab countries, to participate in the UN forces to be sent to Somalia, and to give to Somalia a

financial and domestic support so that it can build its institutions, and it sees that these forces should be immediately sent, because they made lead to a quick Ethiopian

withdrawal from the Somalia.
7-The movement appeals to the international community to give a humanitarian aid to the victims affected by the war, drought and floods in Somalia, with giving a special priority

to those displaced during the last wars in the southern regions and the besieged in Kenyan-Somali borders.
Allah Is Greater, Praise be to Allah
Dr. Ibrahim Al Desouki