Somalia: Islamic Courts Council Breaks Up MB Religious Rally

The Somali Islamic Courts Council banned a religious rally organized the Islah( reform) Movement( Muslim Brotherhood) on Thursday August 17, 2006, in the Somali capital Mogadishu, marking its 28th anniversary of the commencement of the movement in 1978. In a press release a copy of which was posted to Ikhwanweb, the group said that the Islamic Courts Council banned the religious rally although invitations were extended to the Islamic Courts officials as well as a host religious scholars, tribes heads and prominent figures in the capital, besides civil society agencies. The group in its statement expressed its disbelief over banning this rally and extended apologies to all the officials invited. The statement criticized the decision, saying that this cancelled religious rally would not pose any threat to security or stability, depicting the decision as a flagrant encroachment on the public freedoms sought after by the Somali people for long years. The group concluded its statement with a message to the Islamic Courts Council reminding it that the decision banning public assemblies does not work in favor of religion the nation.” Rather, it mars the Islamic Courts reputation and runs counter to the great hopes the people attach to the Islamic Courts.”, the statement said.   

Islah Movement In Somalia, Press Release

While Islah Movement was organizing to commemorate its 28th  anniversary in Shamo Hotel in Mogadishu on 17th  August, 2006, Islamic Courts Council (ICC) has issued an official order banning this festivity. To this occasion, our movement has invited leaders of (ICC), religious scholars, clan elders, civil society organizations and prominent personality in Mogadishu.
Therefore, Islah Movement is dismayed to receive such court order from ICC and express apology for all respected personalities invited to this event.
Moreover, certainly, Somali people had acclaimed the leadership of the Islamic Courts in Mogadishu apprising, improved security and call for the implementation of the Islamic Shari ’a. nevertheless, court orders that ban social and religious festivities and public gatherings are indeed goes against aspirations of our people and a violation of civil liberties and freedom of speech as enshrined by our Islamic religion.
Finally, we remind our brothers, leaders of ICC that banning such festivities do not serve in the interest of our religion and our beloved country while damaging reputation of the courts.
Allah is great and Praise be to him
Mr. Abdulahi Ali Haile
Spokesperson for Islah Movement In Somalia