Some fundamental principles to the members of the group

 Some fundamental principles to the members of the group

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, acting as the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, mentioned in the Brotherhood’s monthly message titled “On His Birthday… How Humanity Needs His Approach and Justice” that His birth

 The Muslim Brotherhood would like to reiterate the following fundamental principles to the members of the group, in particular, and to those concerned with the affairs of the group, in general (these principles have been embraced by the group's institutions since August 29, 2022, and we underscore them again due to their significance):

1. Our loyalty to the General Guide, Dr. Mohammed Badie, will forever be etched in our hearts, and he, along with his fellow members of the Guidance Office and the General Shura, and all our brethren, will perpetually be held in the highest regard by us. They have earned our utmost admiration and respect, and we aspire for their involvement in all our affairs through their guidance and counsel.

2. Any ideas or proposals from our leaders and brethren incarcerated will be confined to its context unless we are certain of two crucial aspects:

First: the precision of the relay from them and its consistency, to ensure that it is not a misinterpretation or perception of the transmitter, especially since we have witnessed numerous instances in the past that were ultimately found to be either non-existent or incorrect.

Second: that the ideas or suggestions communicated to us were indeed accompanied by adequate information about the matter from our leaders and brethren and from a verified and authorized source, so that their perspective is grounded in a thorough understanding of the situation.

3. Proposals and perspectives may pertain to one of the issues (either an event that has been conveyed in some manner, a specific decision, or a decision made by the group’s institutions), and we assert the approach to handle each of them according to our traditions and norms (after validating the aforementioned two conditions):

– If the professors' suggestions or thoughts are about a specific event, we make sure to check all the details and background of the event, then explain the reasons to them, and then take their point of view into account for further examination, evaluation, and modification if necessary.

– If the professors' suggestions or thoughts are about a particular decision, we make sure to share all the details and any missing information, and if there is a chance to reconsider the decision based on their suggestions or point of view, it should be taken into account.

– If the professors’ ideas or proposals pertain to an institutional decision, as we have been taught and nurtured, the decision is obligatory for all, but it is essential to ensure that they are provided with the details and justifications of the decision and its nature in a manner that reassures them about the decision. Any messages received from them are considered one of the factors in the decision-making process when the decision-makers document, analyze, and assess its alignment with the group’s reality and are guided by it, but they do not become decisions merely by transmitting them. Generally, their perspective is presented to the institution that made the decision; if it deemed a review necessary, it was conducted, and if it determined that its decision had satisfied the procedures and the overall interest of the mission, the professors were informed of the conclusion.

In conclusion:

The foundational structures of the group specifically include the General Shura Council, both inside Egypt and abroad, the Administrative Body, both inside Egypt and abroad, the Administrative Committee, and the League. Each of these entities manages the group's affairs based on its defined responsibilities, without duplication or overlap. The official channels of the group include the Brothers Online, the group's media spokespersons, both inside Egypt and abroad, and the official organizational pathway for the group's members. These are the sole sources for accurate information about the group. The group strongly encourages its members and those interested in its affairs to rely on information provided by these channels.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein,

acting as the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

Thursday, 29 Safar 1445 AH, corresponding to September 14, 2023.