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  • March 18, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Son of MB founder: The West Should not Fear the MB

Son of MB founder: The West Should not Fear the MB

 Saif Al-Islam Hassan Al-Banna, son of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stated that the MB is a school of moderation and facilitation.

 Al-Banna told Ikhwanweb that Imam Al-Banna had accepted cooperating with the West in scientific aspects, especially in fields where the West was developed in sciences at that time.

 He added: “The MB will not be hostile to the West, but it does not accept any social, political or military occupation. The time when our wealth used to be looted at the hands of global forces has gone.”

Al-Banna’s son said: “We will not give up our identity and our right to self determination to achieve a comprehensive renaissance of our beloved country that will not antagonize the West.”

He added: “The phobia of the moderate Islamists, particularly the MB, is something from the past which was used by the former regime to make the West scared of the MB and to become more oppressive internally, until it was lead to its dismissal by the Egyptians.”

 He said that America is only looking for its own interests and to take the wealth of the country, saying: “Otherwise, why was the US silent on the crimes of Mubarak regime in Egypt?”

 Al-Banna’s son called on the West to look at the Islamists from a moderate prespective, especially that they are looking to achieve comprehensive development, justice and freedom and consider the Copts as their brothers in the homeland and were often supported by the MB in previous elections, and they are also calling on them to join the Freedom and Justice party belonging to the MB.