Soror Blocks the Brotherhood’s Memo on Detainees But Promises Intervention to End Their Crisis

The Parliament Chairman, Fathey Soror, blocked a memo submitted by representative Hamdy Hassen concerning the violations and unethical manipulations by the Attorney General regarding some political cases of high public interest. Fathey Soror asserted the Attorney General is a part of the judiciary which is not subject to the supervision of the executive branch in accordance with separation of authorities’ principle. On the other hand, the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloc decided to defer lodging urgent statements related to Borg Al Arab detainees after meeting with Soror who promised to intervene with the Interior Ministry to solve this problem before being brought up in the parliament. Hussein Ibrahem, the vice president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloc stated that detainees’ condition is grave, the health of some of them is deteriorating and even school books are banned from prison cells . The bloc awaits the parliament chairman’s replay before requesting an urgent hearing on this issue, he added