Sorrows of Zionism

With the future of reflexive American support growing more and more uncertain in the wake of Mearsheimer & Walt, Baker-Hamilton, Carter — and a growing number of critics within the ranks of American Jews — Israel is resorting to desperate means.

First, there is the report that Israel seeks to make friends through its own MySpace page:

“Officials hope that running a MySpace page dedicated to Israel will help improve relations with people from other countries, and increase awareness and communication with those under 35…research had shown Israel’s image among the young was not good, and that by reaching out through one of the internet’s most popular sites he could repair some of the damage…

The page is particularly targeted at young Americans, who make up a large proportion of MySpace users. Since Mr Saranga set up the page, “Israel” has gained 963 friends from around the world, including fictional characters such as TV secret agent Jack Bauer and Star Wars heroine Princess Leia, as well as, it is claimed, the Hollywood actors George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio.”

Then there is the story about Israel trying to court the “men’s magazine” Maxim to lure its readership to its shores through photoshoots of attractive Israeli women:

“The Israeli Consulate in New York has come up with an ingenious idea to promote tourism to Israel in the United States: officials there have managed to twist the arms of the most popular US men’s magazine, Maxim, to write a feature about stunning Israeli models…[and] encourage American tourists to come to Israel cashing in on the country’s reputation for being home to some of the world’s most beautiful women.

Maxim editors initially rejected a proposal by the Israeli Consulate to cover the personal stories of famous Israeli models, but when the Consulate sent pictures of 12 carefully selected beauty queens, Maxim was quick to acquiesce…

The magazine is sending a team of three top photographers to Israel for a photo shoot of the models at several locations in the center of Israel…The project includes the production of a video featuring the models which the consulate plans to send to American television broadcasters.”

So what is it that Israel is so keen to cover up with such elaborate PR campaigns? YNet reports:

“Thirty-nine percent of Israeli Jews do not want Arab neighbors, revealed a poll conducted by the Israel Religious Action Center for Anti-Racism Day… a significant percent of 38 would not be willing to work for an Arab employer…

In response to the question, “Is the State of Israel more racist now that it was one decade ago?” 37 percent of the respondents said yes.

Seventy-two percent of the respondents blamed the situation on the education system which does not do enough to eradicate racist prejudices.”