Sourani: 86 Israeli war criminals are now wanted by international courts

Sourani: 86 Israeli war criminals are now wanted by international courts

Palestinian human rights activist Raji Al-Sourani has disclosed Wednesday that at  least 86 Israeli military officers were now wanted by a number western courts for their role in the holocaust in the Gaza Strip.

In a forum held in this regard in the Egyptian capital Cairo, Sourani accused the European governments of adopting  unfair  stand over the Israeli massacres in Gaza Strip, opining that such behavior would bring the world back to the ” law of the jungle.”

He said that a number of lawsuits were filed by international human rights organizations against Israeli military officers before courts in Britain, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Spain over their role in the brutal war on Gaza, underlining that 86 of  those officers were now wanted by those courts.

“The Palestinian human rights organizations will keep on chasing those Israeli war criminals, and they won”t forgive or forget what the Israeli occupation army had done in Gaza”, Sourani stressed.

According to Sourani, the Israeli holocaust in Gaza was the bloodiest and most brutal holocaust in the Israeli occupation history in Palestine, adding that the Palestinian legal groups were relentlessly documenting those crimes to use them against the Israeli officials.

Moreover, Sourani deprecated Europe for not doing anything to bridle the Israeli criminal activities against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza, stressing, “We aren’t relying too much on the American stand because we know it is biased for Israel, but we blame Europe that claims to advocate democracy and human rights, but when it comes to condemning Israeli war crimes in Gaza, European governments refuse to vote for a resolution by the UNHRC.

He also pointed out that the Israeli crimes weren’t limited to the Gaza Strip, adding that the Israeli occupation government was and still practicing ethnic cleansing in the occupied city of Jerusalem against Palestinians, and expanding the Israeli settlements there at the expense of the Palestinian lands.