Sourani: Extending Goldstone investigations grave mistake

Sourani: Extending Goldstone investigations grave mistake

The UN General Assembly’s decision to extend investigations into the Goldstone report for five more months constituted a grave mistake on the part of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Raji Al-Sourani, the director of the Palestinian center for human rights, said.

He added in a statement on Friday night that the decision shocked all those who were in pain over the Palestinian people’s suffering and blood.

Sourani explained that the decision was a Palestinian draft resolution that was adopted by the Arab group before it was endorsed by the UNGA.

He charged that the PA in Ramallah had worked on weakening the report, adding that the PA is clearly not interested in implementing the Goldstone reports’ recommendations.

It is not acceptable to give Israel another opportunity to escape punishment, Sourani underlined, adding that the adjournment was pushing the report into oblivion.

The UNGA on Friday endorsed with big majority the Arab decision that asked Israel and the Palestinians to launch new independent and credible investigations into the accusation mentioned in Goldstone report regarding the Israeli war on Gaza Strip.

The decision asked the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to present a report after five months on commitment of Israel and the Palestinians to the decision, warning of other “measures” in the event no independent investigations were made.