Sources: Egyptian steel wall along Gaza borders almost completed

Sources: Egyptian steel wall along Gaza borders almost completed

The Egyptian authority was about to complete the steel wall it was erecting along its borders with the besieged Gaza Strip despite the waves of condemnation to that wall, sources told the PIC.

Eyewitnesses revealed that at least 45 trucks loaded with steel boards have arrived at the construction area, and that the construction of the wall south and north of Rafah city was totally completed leaving small portion along the Salahuddin axis not finished yet.

In Cairo, the administrative court decided to adjourn to the 16th of this month the ruling on a petition filed by ambassador Ibrahim Yusri questioning the legality of the barrier and urging an immediate halt to the construction.

Big numbers of Egyptian intellectuals and national figures joined their voice with Yusri drawing the support of more than 172 activists, including six foreigners among others backing Yusri’s move.

According to Yusri’s petition, the wall violates international law that organizes relations between countries, in addition to breaching the Hague basis and the articles of the fourth Geneva convention.

Cairo ignored religious edicts issued by respected Muslim scholars forbidding the construction of the wall.