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  • June 6, 2007
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Special Series On Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: Founder’s Life To Be Film

A film depicting the life of the Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al Banna is on the table, according to the son of the group’s leader. Last year, reports surfaced, which stated that the family of the slain leader was discussing a script, but to date no further information on the film has been made public.

Ahmed Seif Hassan Al Banna Al Islam, the assassinated founder’s son, said last year that while production has begun on the film, with script in hand, he remains cryptic as to who the actors in the film will be and where it will be filmed. He said that until the country where production will be done, he will not reveal such aspects of the movie. Al Islam hinted at the idea of filming the movie in both Egypt and Syria, the two nations that have been most oppressive towards the group.

“We are ready to begin filming the movie,” Al Islam said last year in an interview with All Headline News’s correspondent in Egypt.

“We currently have a committee concerning the film and have regular meetings about the film, which will portray Hassan Al Banna’s life accurately,” he added.

Al Islam revealed that the film will take Al Banna’s life from his early days growing up in a village, in the Delta region of Egypt, through to the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 by Al Banna and six compatriots from the Suez Canal Company as well as the confrontation with the government and subsequent assassination in 1949.

The Brotherhood hopes that the film will be shown across the globe, in the hopes that the west will be better equipped to understand the Islamic group.

“We want the U.S. and Europe to see the film so they can know the truth about Hassan Al Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood,” Al Islam hopes.

However, Mohamed Habib, a leading deputy for the group, told AHN that he has heard no recent news concerning the film.

“I don’t know about it. I have heard that there is to be a film, but right now I have no information to give,” he said.


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