SSI Refuse to Comply With Court Order to Release Three Detainees

SSI Refuse to Comply With Court Order to Release Three Detainees

Samallut police station investigations refused on Wednesday, October 22, to release three defendants of Samallut incidents, whereas Misdemeanor Court ordered their release on October 18, 2008 and Appeal Court supported the resolution on October 19.

The defendant Rabi Mohamed Ashur is suffering from liver disease and blood liquidity and necessary medicines are not available for him and refused to be provided by the police.

Mervat Abdus-Sattar Abdul-Fattah was murdered during her pregnancy in the city of “Samallut Al Balad”. When a police force attacked her home alleged that stolen things were inside, after she had objected on entering her house without a legal justification, so they locked all those at the house including her.

Mervat’s family could not take her to a hospital except when their neighborhood of Al Galaa Street broke the door, releasing them and going to the nearest doctor who told them that she and her baby had died.

Thus, they went to inform the prosecutors, then the dead body was transferred to medical examination and an initial report was issued stating that “no visible injuries could lead to death”.

People rebelled after the police harassed them. Dozens of people were arrested in Samallut Al Balad in Upper Egypt; 25 people were referred to prosecutors, accused of crowd and facing the authorities, claiming that they were impeding the police while arresting someone of Mervat’s family named Shaaban Saied Riyadh, although he was held by the police since the beginning of events.