Star Academy and Hosny Mubarak

Intellectuals in the Middle East and intellectuals in Europe and the US interested in the Middle East are so funny, so optimistic and so opportunists (in the negative sense)…

I remember when the first “reality shows” started in the ME…how all these intellectuals started analyzing the good effects of popular voting in these shows that will lead to a more democratic systems in their societies…

At that time all the analysis were focused on the concept of voting and expressing of opinion and choosing the stars as a replacement to the lack of democratic customs in the political arena in the Middle East…

So much optimism…so much prediction…so much expectation…
The wind of change was blowing again…

But no one wants to understand that there is nothing of this kind (societal movements) that will lead to a drastic change in the political structures of the Middle East…

They expected changes with the introduction of Al Jazeera, then with the reality shows and the popular voting, and now it is the turn of the blogs…

But nothing will change…

For two reasons:
-The strong unbreakable political corrupted structures
-People’s lack of faith in its power for change

Why am I writing about this now?
I am writing about this now because this Friday it is the last show of Star Academy 4 in Beirut and people are expected to vote to choose the one that they feel deserves to be the Star of the Academy…
Well instead of voting, people are trying to guess who the people in charge of the program will choose to be the Star…

Exactly the same is happening in Egypt… with the referendum on the constitution…
Instead of participating in the voting (with a NO), the Islamic brotherhood, Kefaya and other leftists are boycotting and announcing that whatever they will do Hosny Mubarak will get what he wants….

You see the same logic…

Instaed of voting for our favorite star…we wait for the people in charge to choose

Instaed of voting against the amendments that we don’t like…we boycott and let Mubarak gets what he wants…

Meet me in a hundred years…we will be talking the same in the Middle East…

It is hopeless….

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