State Commissioner’s Authority calls for dismissal of NDP

State Commissioner’s Authority calls for dismissal of NDP

According to an article posted in Almasry al Youm the State Commissioner’s Authority on Thursday called for the dissolution of the former ruling National Democratic Party.

The report was issued two days before the Supreme Administrative Court’s consideration of a lawsuit filed by a number of activists demanding the party’s suspension.

In its report the SCA called for the liquidation and return of all of its assets to the state claiming that the NDP was behind the corruption of political life, the deterioration of democracy, and the poor state of the economy.

The report accused the NDP of abandoning  the initial principles and values upon which it had been founded, which consequently resulted  in the disruption of social and political corruption and the abuse of human rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution.

The report added that the NDP was eager to hold onto power and sought to weaken any opposition political movements and parties by restricting freedom of expression and arresting those with opposing political views. It added that the government, which consisted of powerful NDP members, favored those supporting the party and gave them special privileges.

The report highlighted that the NDP discriminately chose its leadership on the basis of class and status, and assigned leadership positions both in the party and in the government to influential and affluent figures.

The report ended stating that the party had followed this method to guarantee control over the course of events in Egypt, stressing that many leading party members held more than one position in both the government and parliament.