State of Emergency encourages government’s violations during Shura elections

State of Emergency encourages government’s violations during Shura elections

Tearing banners belonging to the Brotherhood’s Shura candidate, the arrest of his supporters and deprivation from communicating with the masses has become an inseparable part of the media coverage for the 2010 Shura Council elections


 Scenes of security forces besieging protest rallies in support of the MB candidates are familiar scenes coinciding with the activities of the Brotherhood’s candidates in most of Egypt ‘s governorates as the start of the election campaign for Shura Council took place on May 16


Interior ministry’s violations are closely associated with the extension of the emergency law contradicting Dr. Ahmed Nazif assertions before all parliament members that  the emergency law, applied to crimes only associated with terrorism and drug trafficking


Human rights activist Negad Borai stated to ‘Ikhwanweb that the current crisis reflects the fact that the regime’s will towards democratic trend is still obstinate as the regime is adamant to  take violent action against opposition proving they are not sincere in their claims.


Dr. Magdy Abdel-Hamid, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE), agreed with him as he said violations of the Interior Ministry in the Shura Council elections began since the opening of the door for MB candidates to compete in the election


Abdul Hamid called for the support of human rights organizations, to oversee the elections, monitor violations


Dr. Amr Hashem Rabie, Parliamentary Affairs expert at the Al-Ahram Center of Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS), said the regime is determined to follow the same  methods with interference  to the outcome of the electoral districts in anticipation; meaning  that the regime intends  to rig the Shura Council elections and exclude the Muslim Brotherhood from participating in the political arena


Higher Election Committee’s abandonment of its role for the encroachment of the Interior Ministry confirmed that it is simply a puppet and there is no a chance for a free and fair election,” he emphasized