State Police Officer Wants Detainee A Detective to Release Him

The Egyptian regime is still terrorizing and intimidating political detainees; a state police officer in Shubra has exercised severe pressures on a citizen called Rizk Said Said (27 years), a secretary in a computer company, in order to be a detective with the security service as a condition for releasing him .

The citizen, who was arrested in 2005 on charge of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, refused the offer of the officer who decided to send him to Burj Al-Arab prison in Alexandria; then he was sent to Damanhur prison, and he remained there till last September, although he received a ruling of releasing him, but he hasn’t been released so far!!

Saad was moved with the (23 group), including Tamer Sayed Miseilhi, Moataz Abdul Qader Hassan, Essam Saad, Al-Wadi Al-Jadid prison to punish them because they staged a strike against food two days later. They received ill-treatment, lack of food and epidemics in addition to the fact that it was a hell for their relatives who were obliged to take such a far distance (inside the Egyptian western desert); the relatives take a visit permit and the visit may be cancelled after they go there; if they were allowed to visit the prisoner, they would be allowed see him for only half an hour.

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