State Security Detains 2 Al Fayyum MBs

State Security Detains 2 Al Fayyum MBs

Egyptian state security forces raided on Thursday at dawn, Dec, 13th, 2007, two houses in the district of Sinnuris, governorate of Al Fayum Governate.

Amid astonishment of the residents and relatives, the forces arrested both Eid Shawqi, 23 years and Ahmed Qotb Al Sayed, 28 years, who works as a sales representative in a pharmaceutical company.

The detentions take place only a few days before the Adha Feast which is observed by all Muslims. Both detainees belong to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

One of both deatinees, Eid Shawqi has just returned from Saudi Arabia and got married only two weeks ago. The forces raided his house while he is still spending his honey moon with his wife.

The state security forces surprised him in the middle of the night in a way that intimidated neighbours paying no consideration to people”s feelings.