State Security Officer Abducts Sheikh From A Mosque

State Security Officer Abducts Sheikh From A Mosque

A police officer at Al-Hamoul city in Kafr El-Sheikh abducted Sheikh Farag Abbad from the Awqaf (endowments) meeting amid accusations for state security apparatus of violating religious freedoms and Muslim’s senses during the holy month of Ramadan.

The officer escorted by security forces stormed into a mosque at Useem city and forced the worshipers out of the mosque.

The sheikh was abducted from the meeting before imams and orators and in the presence of the Awqaf director, which  the worshippers considered as disrespect of the holiness of this month or the dignity of the Muslim scholars.

The police officer rushed into their meeting and asked for the IDs till found Sheikh Farag who was arrested at once.

Sheikh Farag Abbad is an Imam and orator from the city of Baltim. He was arrested due to the incident of “Tuesday Market” on March 27, 2008 when the state security officer entered the mosque wearing his shoes to arrest one of the worshippers. The people objected and assaulted the officer. The Sheikh is expected to appear before prosecution.

Twelve state security soldiers stormed into a mosque at Useem city of Giza and besieged all who were performing night prayer inside the mosque during the last ten days of Ramadan including kids.

The officer asked for the IDs and demanded the terrified kids to show up at the state security apparatus along with their parents.

They were all forced out and the mosque was closed.

In the last ten days of Ramadan, Muslims perform the night prayers known as “qiyam” until dawn. Usually mosques are particularly full of worshippers from both men and women during these ten days, which Muslims regard as days of forgiving and spirituality.