State Security Officers Beat Kareem Amer before releasing him

State Security Officers Beat Kareem Amer before releasing him

 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said today that the Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer has been subjected to beatings by an officer of SSI ,at the headquarter, known as Pharaohs , Alexandria. As well as, Kareem was  illegally held for five days, as he was supposed to be released on  current November 5th , after having served his sentence ,a four full years ,that was issued by  Alexandria Misdemeanors court.

Actually, Karim Amer was out  from the prison of  Burj Al Arab, Alexandria desert on 6th November, and the proceedings of his release was set and completed, but some  SSI officers had detained him at SSI  headquarter in Alexandria, where he was beaten by a junior officer yesterday ,and  an order to keep him detained was issued ,giving a deaf ear to law, as a result to the conviction of the officer that  he will flee punishment, and that he will not be accountable on these crimes.

Gamal Eid, director of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said “these sadist practices  against unarmed prisoner ,  create a climate of hatred against the police in general and SSI officers in particular. Kareem Amer already spent  Punishment of  complete four years, and releasing him has become a mandatory, so why  they  beat and held him illegally?”

Interior Minister ,has to know now who offend the reputation of his ministry, are his officers who attack unarmed prisoner due for release, or the person who expose these crimes that have already taken place?”,Eid added.

ANHRI,asserts that  the Ministry of  Interior with all its officers and soldiers, are not stronger than a  right’s owner, and  the sadistic practices of some of its officers will not  be able to silence  a prisoner, who the government  not only imprisoned  unjustly, but also held him illegally. Whatever the position of the officers who  tamper the law,  a day will come when they will be tried for these crimes, and people do not forget.