Statement Against International Intervention In Sudan

The USA’s arrogant behavior in its mad drive to dominate the world and seize control of countries’ political, economic, social, and cultural resources by undermining the security of states and shredding the social and cultural fabric of peoples has created chaos and insecurity in one place after another.
It has become obvious to the people of the Arab Nation, the world Islamic community, and free people everywhere that the US’s threats, maneuvers, and machinations and the historically unprecedented feverish propaganda and psychological warfare that accompanies them is aimed at the entire Arab Nation.  The American-Zionist scheme seeks to change the map of the Arab homeland, breaking it apart and even fragmenting the Arab states, undermining their fighting ability.  It is on this basis that the US is pursuing its feverish effort to attack the Arab states one after the other, with the rape of Palestine and the oppression of its people being one aspect of that drive, followed by the occupation of Iraq and the move to partition it, the threats against Syria, and the attempt to disband and disarm the Lebanese resistance.  In all those activities the US makes use of so-called international law and the resolutions of the “American” Security Council.
Now the US ’s hegemonic policy towards the Arab world has found its next target: the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of the Sudan .  Just as US policy-makers prepared an illegitimate and immoral war against Iraq in 2003 under the cover of “humanitarian aims” and “international law,” the same politicians recently pushed the UN Security Council into passing Resolution 1706, which calls for deploying United Nations forces in the area of Darfur, in place of the forces of the African Union, under the threat of imposing sanctions and even resorting to armed force should the Sudanese government not cooperate with the UN deployment.  The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice went so far as to threaten the Sudan : “cooperate or expect confrontation” !
The real reason that the United States insists on deploying UN forces in the Sudan is that US is trying to attain long-range political goals in the Sudan, including regime change, the Balkanization (break up) of the country of the Sudan, the establishment of American regional military bases there, and the plunder of its resources, including its oil.  Such goals are a part of the American scheme known as the “New Middle East,” a scheme that has already shown its ugly face in Palestine , Iraq , and Lebanon .
The security of the Sudan and its people are the responsibility of the Sudan and its government in the first place, and the responsibility of  Arabs, Muslims, and Africans in the second place.  Foreign intervention is unacceptable in principle, particularly if we take into account the miserable record of international forces in Africa and the Arab region.  If the excuse for replacing the African forces with other, international ones is a shortage of funds, as is claimed, then an international force would be immeasurably more expensive to maintain.  This alone reflects how hypocritical is that excuse.  In any case, it would be more appropriate for those in charge of the Arab states to support the government of the Sudan politically and financially in the face of the threat of external intervention, paying the cost of the African peacekeeping force if they do not wish to organize an Arab peacekeeping force, rather than allowing international forces to come in, forces that would spell nothing but calamity for everyone even in the best of cases.
National, pan-Arab, and even humanitarian responsibility dictates that the Arabs, all the Arabs, cast off passivity and take the action that is commensurate with the imminent mortal danger that threatens their destiny and future – the danger represented by the insane Zionist-American tumult that cannot conceal their desire and plan to seize direct hegemony over the land and wealth of the Arab Nation, tearing it apart, stripping it of its honor, shedding the blood of its children, in order to colonize it and subjugate it.
It is therefore incumbent upon the Arab people and in particular those who still have a living conscience, to escalate their efforts both in thought and in struggle in order to mobilize the Arab masses and amass their forces to confront the plans of the Zionist-American alliance in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, the Sudan, and the Arab Nation as a whole so that the popular Arab confrontation might rise to the jihadi level that is equal to the ferocious challenge we face, and so that the Arab Nation may take up a position in keeping with its history, replete with glories and images that shed brilliance on Arab resistance today and in the future.  A position that is able to win a decisive triumph and place the Nation on the path to the new birth of its civilization.
The US ’s scandalous activities and actions must compel the international community to do a thoroughgoing review of what has become of international organizations, bodies, and institutions, in particular the Security Council whose jurisdiction has been scandalously violated by the United States . The international community must also thoroughly review the extent of the injustice that has been and is being done to the Sudan as a result of the policy of lies and deception.
Therefore the Arab Nationalist List categorically rejects the call for military intervention in the Sudan and the imposition of sanctions against it.  It calls on the Arab masses from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf to show their support for and solidarity with the people and leadership of the Sudan against all forms of neocolonialist interference.  In this vein, the Arab Nationalist List salutes the position taken by the Sudan in resisting the pressure that the United States and its allies are bringing to bear upon it.  As the resistance in Palestine , Iraq , and Lebanon has shown, it is the masses and popular forces that bear the burden of raising the banner of Arab unity, freedom, and honor.
Long live our Arab Nation free and united!
Salute to the heroic people of the Sudan , defending the unity and Arab character of their lands!
Eternal glory to all of our noble martyrs!
The Arab Nationalist List.
5 October 2006.