• November 27, 2014
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Statement by Beltagy’s Family Criticizes Fact-Finding Committee Report

Statement by Beltagy’s Family Criticizes Fact-Finding Committee Report

Statement by the family of the martyr Asmaa Beltagy (daughter of senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr Mohamed Beltagy) about the junta’s Fact-Finding Committee report on the violent breakup by coup security forces of Rabaa and Nahda squares protest sit-ins, and other heinous massacres by army and police forces across Egypt:

The FFC report’s content is not surprising, with Dr. Fouad Riad, the FFC Chairman, announcing beforehand that he is an avid supporter of the illegitimate coup and military junta. His FFC falsified facts witnessed by the whole world, to acquit all the murderers – the army, the police, their media henchmen, public prosecutors and corrupt religious leaders involved in inciting the killing of Egyptian citizens, the peaceful protesters in Rabaa and Nahda squares sit-ins who stood unarmed against the illegitimate fascist military rule over Egypt and its citizens.

The FFC is illegitimate, from the outset, because it was formed by a decree from then president Adly Mansour, who came into power on the back of a military tank, after an illegitimate military coup.

Without a trace of conscience, humanity or morality, the FFC had the audacity to blame the victims for the massacres in which they were killed and burnt by junta forces (over 1500 innocent men, women and children killed in only one month). Thus placing the responsibility on the victims forestalls any serious attempt to investigate or seek retribution for those so horribly murdered, the blood spilled, the lives lost and freedoms trampled.

Further, the FFC’s fake flawed report totally lacks logic, attempting to make it look as though we killed our own families and friends who stood unarmed against military rule, then locked the rest up in junta jails!

We will never forget or lay to waste the blood of the martyrs. The murderous criminals who rule Egypt now by sheer force of arms will inevitably be held to task, no matter how long it takes. We will not accept any negotiations or reconciliation with the criminals who killed our daughter, Asmaa Beltagy, and hundreds of other martyrs since January 2011 with cold-blooded bullets of treachery and treason, with evil Zionist and regional support, then locked up the patriotic people, looted their homes and businesses, burned their land and their future.

Indeed, the murderers will not escape punishment; fair retribution will be exacted, sooner or later. They will not succeed in terrorizing people, in spite of all the brutal massacres repeated daily across Egypt, as they relentlessly attempt to break the will of the people and dissuade them from seeking their natural right to free choice, human dignity and citizenship in their own homeland.

The shameful blood-stained FFC’s report is a crime in itself, a failed attempt to cover up, to exonerate the killers and prevent anyone from bringing them to trial. The horror of the inhuman massacres executed by army and police forces is only outdone by the FFC’s blatant lies as it seeks to acquit the criminals involved in the biggest and most atrocious bloody massacre ever carried out by criminal state institutions against Egyptian citizens – who were in this case seen by the whole world staging a peaceful protest against military rule which came through an illegitimate coup that trampled the free will of the people and their right to free choice and decent living.

Family of Dr Mohamed Beltagy

Cairo on Wednesday – November 26, 2014