Statement by Egyptian Parliamentarians Abroad: Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine

Statement by Egyptian Parliamentarians Abroad: Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine

Egyptian parliamentarians abroad, received with anger and rejection Trump’s provocative declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, which is contrary to international consensus and resolutions, even contrary to the American official policy and ignores the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim anger. It is contrary to all constitutional and legal standards that America recognizes through its stated positions in international organizations, the Security Council and in the Quartet statements. And it comes despite strong warnings from the World leaders against reactions that might lead to explosion at the regional level.

We affirm that Al Quds Al Sharif, Jerusalem, is an Arab and Muslim land, inalienable part of the land of Palestine. The infringement on its Arab identity is an aggression against all Islamic sanctities, Arab lands, humanitarian values,  international covenants, and threatens international peace and security. We call upon the peoples to stand up to support Jerusalem and to convey their voice to the whole world.

We confirm that the Trump declaration can never falsify history or obliterate historical facts. Jerusalem was and will remain the first of the two Qiblas, the second Mosque ever on earth, the third of the two holy Shrines and our Messenger’s Night Journey destination. It is part of our faith and the nation will defeat any conspiracy aimed at changing its identity or transforming its cultural character and legal status.

The Trump decision that comes as as a reward to Israel for its apartheid and ethnic cleansing, exploiting the preoccupation of some Arab leaders in suppressing their own peoples and empowering their seats, will change nothing.

Rather, the magic may turn against the magician. December 6, 2017, the date of Trump recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will become not only the day Washington has ended its role in any future Middle East peace making, but also the day of the so-called ‘peace process’ demise, the end of all the security coordination with the Occupation, the end of the Palestinian division, the eruption of the massive Jerusalem uprising on the whole land of Palestine, and the the onset of Muslims struggle all over the world in defense of their freedom, sanctities, and homelands.

Finally, we demand:

1) Withdrawing the Palestinian Authority’s recognition of Israel.

2) Cut off all forms of Palestinian contacts with the Trump administration.

3) Filing a complaint with the Security Council against the US for violating international law and Security Council resolutions regarding Jerusalem.

4) Activating all war crimes complaints against the Occupation State in international courts.

5) Commiting the Arab and Muslim countries to the resolutions approved by their own summits with respect to severing their relationships with the Trump administration.

6) Responding to President Erdogan’s call for an urgent meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) aimed at mobilizing the whole Muslim world against the American decision and Jerusalem judaization. 

7) Launching mass demonstrations and popular activities all over the World.

We also call on the countries and peoples of the world to reject the American decision, and activate the campaigns of total boycott against the racist Israeli occupation.

Egyptian Parliament Abroad

Wednesday, December 6, 2017