Statement by FJP Women’s Committee in Support of the Syrian People

Statement by FJP Women’s Committee in Support of the Syrian People

We, the Women’s Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Cairo, reiterate our full support for all the Syrian people’s efforts to defend their right to freedom and dignity. We also announce our complete solidarity with Syrian women, who set a wonderful example in defense of their cause, for which they made great sacrifices in order to give future generations a new path to freedom and independence, away from the evils of dictatorship and tyranny and repression.

We stress that the suffering of the Syrian people can no longer be tolerated. The bloody regime that declared war against freedom, dignity and humanity must no longer be allowed to persist in its systematic killing – bordering on genocide.

The FJP Women’s Committee holds the international community responsible for the blood of children, women and elderly people shed during the conflict, for failing to rescue those people through international legal channels, and for not exercising enough pressure on the Assad regime and its supporters to halt this nonstop bloodshed of the Syrians dear to us and our people.

We, therefore, call on all Arab, Islamic, regional and international institutions, as well as the world’s honorable people defending freedom and dignity, to intervene to put pressure on the bloody regime in Syria to stop the carnage and the crimes it commits against the defenseless people.

The FJP Women’s Committee in Cairo announces a twinning with the Syrian women, both those inside Syria and those forcibly displaced to other countries as a result of the genocide carried out by the Assad regime. The Arab peoples backing their Syrian brothers and sisters are required to spare no effort to secure all material and moral support for the Syrian people.

We further affirm our full backing for all steps taken by Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi to stop the bloodshed and to support the Syrian people to gain freedom from the Assad regime.

The Assad regime should know well that the people’s desire for freedom will not be stopped by its murderous practices. Rather, the people will persist until the revolution is finally victorious.

Everybody should know that no matter how long the night may be, the dawn will certainly break, and no matter the oppression aggravated, victory will certainly be achieved.

The Freedom and Justice Party – Women’s Committee

Cairo, 27 September 2012