• February 24, 2007
  • 7 minutes read

Statement by MB Leaders Referred to Military Tribunal

Statement by MB Leaders Referred to Military Tribunal

We are a group of university professors, businessmen and professionals who have been jailed pending investigations in the case No. 963 which was transferred to a military tribunal by the order of president Mubarak using his power as a military ruler of Egypt according to the emergency laws. We would like to state the following facts to the great Egyptian people,

First :
The charges brought by the government against us are groundless and politically motivated, and only aim at excluding the opposition-which we represent-from political participation at a time when Egypt is witnessing a  heated discussion surrounding the government’s proposed constitutional amendments.  These amendments will curb freedoms, facilitate election rigging and alter the constitution in a way that establishes the authoritarian system and exclude the honored Egyptian citizens, including the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members and leaders from engaging in any social, political and activities.

Second :
The Criminal Court on January 28, 2007 issued its ruling to immediately release all MB detainees and without delay, but instead of complying with the court order and respect the judiciary; the Interior Ministry issued another arrest warrant against all persons acquitted by the court. This was followed by a presidential decision to refer the case to a military tribunal  denying us the right to stand trial in front of a normal civilian judge and to deny us the legal right to appeal the court ruling, which confirms that the case is politically motivated.

Third :
The State Security Prosecutor has violated the law when it falsely accused us of money laundry without following the proper legal procedures in this regard and ordered to freeze all assets owned by us, our families and our minors, which aims at humiliating our families for political reasons, a scheme which has never occurred except under dictatorial regimes.

Most of the detainees aren"t owners or even managers in the companies shut down by the government. These companies are not owned by the Muslim Brotherhood but by individuals who are only shareholders or partners in these companies.

The policy of fabricating charges in order to exclude the real political opposition, including the Muslim Brotherhood, only serves the interests of the enemies of this country who immediately welcomed and praised the Egyptian regime"s unjust measures against the Muslim Brotherhood.

These arbitrary measures against us are completely contradicting the claims of reform and change, and deny us our rights as citizens and violate right of ownership guaranteed by the constitution; they also have a negative impact on the economic atmosphere in Egypt, and make businessmen hesitate to invest in Egypt.

We demand all Egyptian national powers to reject such unjust measures; we demand all respected and honest citizens in Egypt, and every one advocating justice all over the world to work for lifting injustice and oppression which the political opposition is suffering in Egypt.

We finally confirm that we will maintain our national attitude despite the high price of reform which we are obliged to pay through this injustice and oppression.

"Verily We shall not suffer to perish the reward of any who do a (single) righteous deed. "
"And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not."

MB Leaders, Members ReferrCairo 24 February 2007ed to Military Tribunal on Case 2 of the year 2007