• October 13, 2014
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Statement by the Anti-Coup Alliance: Egypt Students Leading the Revolution

Statement by the Anti-Coup Alliance: Egypt Students Leading the Revolution
Students proved they are indeed the brave knights of the Revolution. With the first day of study at universities, the mechanisms of repression and intimidation and the outdated sixties tactics failed miserably to quell the student movement or the January 25 revolutionaries.

The revolutionary movement at Egyptian universities made a promising start that shattered the illusions of junta rule stability and the loss of the people’s rights, despite the coup security forces’ raids on thousands of protesters’ homes, the abduction of thousands of students, cowardly ‘visitors of dawn’ arbitrary arrest campaigns, thousands of unfair dismissals and criminal storming of university campuses since the coup took place.

The most heinous traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his gang have bet everything on brutal repression. Now, they have lost their bet under the feet of the revolutionary people of Egypt. Students broke the last barriers that protected the coup and the military junta, and uncovered their private armed militias.

Universities regained freedom marches and chants of hope. The policies of repression and terror miserably failed from the very first day. The Council of State could not impose resolutions to slaughter professors. The machine of brutality and repression can only admit failure and defeat, and immediately release students and other prisoners of conscience, legitimacy and independence.

Agents and spies, professors acting as junta informants, may hide behind the walls of shame to conceal their rotten voices and shallow minds. The military junta, its cronies and forces should announce their retreat, even defeat and departure, or wait for the students and the Revolution to force their humiliating ouster.

No-one will accept the squandering of yet more poor people’s money on machines of repression that sabotage Egypt and obstruct the educational process. No patriotic citizen can accept the return of Black Bloc gangs in dubious security company uniforms that constitute an insult to Egypt’s state institutions.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance pays tribute to Egypt’s students and youths, and urges them to continue their revolutionary action, taking care with every step, since their opponent is a deceitful coward who will not hesitate to commit the most vile acts of treachery and brutality.

Everyone should learn about manhood, heroism and bravery from Egypt’s students – the seekers of truth and freedom. This homeland’s revolutionary street must embrace, assist and serve the student movement. The students and youths of this country are its true hope, its future and heroic leaders. They are no doubt the makers of university independence, at the forefront of the January 25 Revolution path, and will achieve ultimate triumph soon.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Sunday – October 12, 2014