• August 1, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Statement by the Coalition of Rabaa Al-Adawiyya Residents In Response to Threats by the Coup Cabinet

Statement by the Coalition of Rabaa Al-Adawiyya Residents In Response to Threats by the Coup Cabinet

We, the Coalition of Rabaa Al-Adawiyya Residents, partially representing area residents, born and raised in its streets, educated in its schools ..

Announce our support for the peaceful pro-legitimacy, pro-democracy and anti-coup sit-in.

The Coalition affirms its respect for opinions differing from its own, and acknowledges their owners’ right to express them in a peaceful and civilized manner. But it completely rejects anyone speaking on behalf of all the residents, or anyone threatening protestors with violence in the name of all the residents.

The Coalition also rejects the coup cabinet statement in which it threatens peaceful protestors with violence. It considers any threat to the sit-in as a threat to the residents. And this is from the viewpoint of fairness and guaranteeing the rights of all to freedom of expression and peaceful protest.

The Coalition affirms the following:

First: The continued support of the protestors. We also thank and express our appreciation to all Rabaa residents who have borne with us all the hardships caused by the bloody military coup.

Second: We urge the armed forces to open Al-Tayaran and Yusuf Abbas streets from the Salah Salem side, and to refrain from using the residents as a bargaining chip to pressure the protestors.  We point out that if the protest is closing off some approaches to the area, the armed forces are inconveniencing the residents by closing off the remaining approaches.

Third: We affirm our continued communication with protest leaders to resolve all problems, provide all services and secure all buildings through mutual co-operation.

Fourth: We point out that Tahrir Square has been closed off dozens of times for long periods without threat or accountability, in spite of the many violations that hurt all Egyptians, not just residents of Tahrir.  This is a call for justice and fairness.

Finally: We renew our pledge to complete the gains of the January 25th revolution, to support the needs of the residents, and to protect the peaceful protest to the best of our abilities.

Residents of Rabe’a Al-Adawiyya, Cairo

July 31, 2013.