Statement by the MB concerning current events.

Statement by the MB concerning current events.
The Muslim Brotherhood movement has recently been under the spotlight facing speculation and skepticism by a numbered few; and in light of this, the movement has demonstrated resilience while stoically standing in the face of animosity proving that by the will of Allah it may continue in its cause and follow its path. The movement intends to demonstrate to the people the moderate perspective of Islam, practically and theoretically urging them to implement and put it into action by molding and disciplining morals, affections, deeds and actions.
Firstly – Despite the continued pressures and difficulties faced by the group we will continue in our cause for the Brotherhood thrives on faith, devotion, fraternal love and patience. Our spirits and hearts will always remain entwined regardless of difference in opinion.
Secondly – The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is an international organization whose ideology stipulates peaceful reform in the social, political and economic fields. It will continue to promote its cause following the legitimate constitutional channels regardless of oppression directed towards it.
Thirdly – The movements’ methodology is based on Islamic, ethical, and legitimate grounds. The group has several independent institutions where it adheres to the law and rules. There is no transgression or violation of the regulations of any of its countries charters.
Fourth – The group’s co-operation and participation with the political and social power is imperative at this point in time if reform is to take shape in all its forms.
Fifth – The Muslim Brotherhood has succeeded in being an active and effective component in all aspects of society. Its presence is evident in the People’s Assembly, Shura Council, and Municipal Committees, trade unions, syndicates, clubs and various civil institutions. We have persevered and intend to continue being a vigorous part of society as the ideology of the group states that Islam is not just worship but a way of life. The founder of the Brotherhood movement Imam Hassan al-Banna stressed that "It is the duty of each Muslim to revive the glory of Islam, its rights and freedoms by awakening its nation and its leaders".
Sixth – Despite injustices practiced on Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood movement we stand by our cause and will continue to follow our path resiliently and with firm belief that good will prevail. We believe success is not in where we stand, but in the direction we are moving.
Seventh – We aim to continue in our path and in the same direction of working and co-existing together to guarantee the successful promoting of Islam and its objectives while adhering to and respecting the legitimate channels.
Eighth – Democracy and Shura will be practiced in an atmosphere of, honesty of intent, and oneness of purpose; attributes we are proud to boast. Through understanding, sincerity, worship, perseverance, integrity, brotherhood and trust we will continue.
Ninth – We will adhere to our regulations, principles and ideologies in all of the Movements’ activities and we are open to progress and correction through the proper and respective committees.
Tenth – The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman, executive guidance bureau, leaders and members, men and women alike promise and solemnly swear that they will follow the righteous path of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and endeavour to please Allah the Almighty. We will sacrifice all that is necessary including money and freedom to reach our goal of raising the banner of Islam seeking the help of Allah guided by the manners, morals ideology and the Sharia of Islam.