• March 1, 2018
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Statement by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria on the Massacres in Ghouta

Statement by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria on the Massacres in Ghouta

In view of the horrific massacres and genocide by Assad regime forces with the support of the Russian and Iranian occupation in the eastern Ghouta, and with an international silence that is closer to complicity, we consider any political resolution to have been buried under the rubble of houses and victims parts in Ghouta.

The Muslim Brotherhood believes that continuing the negotiations is infeasible until the bombing and killing are completely stopped.

We hold the international community, international organizations, and the UN envoy in particular, responsible for what is happening in Ghouta, in view of their complete inability to stop the bloodshed, protect civilians, or implement international resolutions.

We reaffirm the continuation of the revolution until achieving its objectives. Any talk about a political resolution in view of the continued Russian and Iranian occupation is an illusion and selling the Syrian blood cheap. 

The international talk about halting the shelling in exchange for the withdrawal of the rebels and the displacement of civilians, is a dirty deal that aims to hand over Ghouta to the Assad regime; no one has the right to accept this deal, regardless of the justifications.

The Muslim Brotherhood is currently carrying out a massive relief campaign to support the steadfast people in the eastern Ghouta. We call upon all organizations and associations to work together to save and aid our steadfast people in the blessed Ghouta.

To our great people in the eastern Ghouta: 

{If you should be suffering – so are they suffering as you are suffering, but you expect from Allah that which they expect not. And Allah is ever Knowing and Wise}. (Quran, 4:104)

Victory be for the blessed revolution of our people. 

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Jumada II, 6, 1439 AH

February, 22, 2018