Statement by the Muslim Brotherhood: No Reconciliation with Egypt’s Coup Regime

Statement by the Muslim Brotherhood: No Reconciliation with Egypt’s Coup Regime

Muslim Brotherhood denounces recent news in some local and international media outlets claiming negotiations, contacts or deals between the group and the fascist military coup regime in Egypt, which is completely false. The coup regime attempts, by such false claims, to mislead or distract the Egyptian people from the catastrophes of its actions.

Muslim Brotherhood assures that its members as well as its affiliates at home and abroad, including those steadfast men and women detained in prisons, are all united and that any attempt to turn them against each other is doomed to fail.

Our hearts are wide open and our hands are extended to all honorable sectors and free forces of the Egyptian people without exception. We call on them all to line up under the nation’s banner, to fulfill the promises of the January Revolution, to realize the will of the people, to restore our people’s usurped rights and lost freedoms, and to preserve our homeland’s wealths, waters, and land integrity. 

As loyal citizens of this homeland, and as a sincere component of the Egyptian people, we, along with all patriotic Egyptians, do not object to any outcome that absolves Egypt of its stalemate and saves it from the disastrous situation caused by the military coup. However, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the legitimate freely elected president as attested the whole world, is the reference person for any contacts or negotiation not the group or its leaders.

The group also affirms that its adherence to the legitimacy of President Mohamed Morsi is based on its bias towards the democratic principles that the free world has adopted and the Egyptian people have firmly opted, and our commitment to the rights of this great people.

We will never betray our principles, values, ​​and just demands that inform and guide our movement among peoples and nations. In this sense, we affirm our adherence to exacting just punishment of culprits involved in bloodshed, torture, forcible disappearance, detentions, and displacements. That is an unalienable right of martyrs, the injured, the tortured, detainees, abductees, forcibly hidden, and displaced families.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not seek to stop the march of history, and we rather would work to ensure that peoples follow their due paths to achieve justice and freedom, so as to recover and maintain their full due rights.

May Allah save Egypt and its people from all evil

Muslim Brotherhood

Wednesday, 21 Jumada I, 1439 AH

February 7, 2018