• August 2, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

Statement by the Shura Council Regarding Authorization of the Minister of Interior to Clear the Peaceful Protests

Statement by the Shura Council Regarding Authorization of the Minister of Interior to Clear the Peaceful Protests

The Council has considered the authorization given to the Minister of Interior of the military coup to use all means to clear the sit-ins calling for legitimacy.  The council notes that the coup leaders, who supported one group of Egyptians against the majority calling for constitutional legitimacy, did not need authorization when they killed hundreds and wounded thousands of protestors, using police weapons and protected thugs.

While we warn against these violent actions, preceded by media lies and fictitious security investigations intended to lay the blame of violence on protestors, we affirm the following:

First: The killing of peaceful protestors, in itself a threat to the fabric of society, and to Egyptian national security, is fully the fault of the coup leaders and the instigators of violence among politicians and the media.

Second:  Criminal charges in the killing and injury of hundreds of youths, women, children and the elderly from among the protestors, will be brought against those responsible regardless of their positions of authority.

Third:  The Shura Council calls on all local and international rights organizations and relevant centres to visit the locations of the sit-ins to ascertain their freedom from weapons or aspects of violence claimed by the coup government and dishonest media as justification for bloodshed and storming the sit-ins.
Fourth:  Complete rejection of the Interior Ministry statement deciding to clear the peaceful sit-ins at Nahda Square and Rabe’a Al-Adawiyya Square.

Fifth: All government authorities are responsible for national security.

Finally:  We urge all free people on the inside or outside to be a voice for truth, a shield for legitimacy, a support for rights, and a protector of freedoms that have been taken from Egyptians via the military coup.  And all parliaments worldwide are urged to publicize their stances towards the threats of killing peaceful protestors.

We call on the Egyptian people to remain steadfast and present in all Egyptian Squares, and invite them to participate with all strength in tomorrow, Friday’s, million-person marches "Egypt Against the Coup".

Egyptian Shura Council