• September 2, 2016
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Statement from Association of Families of the Disappeared on Arrest of Their Lawyer

Statement from Association of Families of the Disappeared on Arrest of Their Lawyer

 On August 30, 2016, the International Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearance, national security forces in Egypt arrested Mohamed Sadek, a higher appeal lawyer and a State Council law expert known for his defense of the imprisoned and the disappeared (victims of forced disappearance).

Sadek is the judge who issued a verdict against the coup regime’s Interior Ministry and the prison service, in support of Aqrab Prison inmates’ families, wresting back for them their right to visit their loved ones without glass barriers. He also follows most cases of forced disappearance at the State Council.

As the world marked that international day against enforced disappearance, the junta regime in Egypt escalated its violations against the disappeared and their defenders, subjecting Sadek to forced disappearance ever since the day security forces arrested him, to terrorize and intimidate the Egyptian people.

* The Association of the Families of the Disappeared condemns the crime of enforced disappearance and the arrest of the victims’ lawyers, and demands that authorities must promptly disclose the whereabouts of the disappeared lawyer, and release him without delay.

* The Association also demands that authorities must promptly release all human rights lawyers, and release all the disappeared. The regime and all its authorities must completely stop perpetration of this crime of subjecting citizens to forced disappearance.

Cairo: Thursday – September 1, 2016

Association of the families of the disappeared