Statement from Egyptian Women Held as Political Prisoners in Coup Jails

Statement from Egyptian Women Held as Political Prisoners in Coup Jails

Because justice has gone missing… because injustice has overwhelmed our homeland… because, in Egypt, the axioms of human rights have turned into mere words on paper…

It is necessary to pause for a moment… to make this urgent plea.

It is time for these uneven scales of justice to be rebalanced. Every day, we witness more absurd court judgments against politicians in Egypt. Even women have not escaped this injustice!

How can coup officials have the right to deprive women of seeing their children and other members of their families? How is it acceptable to the world that many of us, here in junta jails, suffer chronic diseases and are refused essential treatment or urgent medical care by arbitrary orders?

Why are we left here to suffer atrocities, violations of women’s rights and unacceptable abuses at the hands of jail transport officers and prison wardens?

Why do we deserve to be prevented from completing our university education or postgraduate studies? Why are we deprived of our jobs, even though we are doctors, engineers and university students?

Would any sane person be happy to waste these creative human energies beneficial to society and throw them in jail?

How long will this silence remain among civil society organizations concerned with human rights or women’s rights and the international community?

Therefore, we – women imprisoned in Egyptian jails on political charges – demand that this injustice is lifted and that we are taken out of the political equation, removed from this conflict and not be used to apply pressure on political currents.

All women (political prisoners) must be released. Human rights and women’s rights must be respected and enforced. No man of wisdom, honor or religion would accept that women are dragged into such conflicts and subjected to this extreme injustice and oppression.

#الحرية_للنساء  (Freedom for Women)