Statement from Libyan Muslim Brotherhood on Current Affairs Hails Defeat of Coup in Turkey

Statement from Libyan Muslim Brotherhood on Current Affairs Hails Defeat of Coup in Turkey

 In its latest session, the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council reviewed the group’s regulatory and administrative conditions, and the homeland’s situation, crises and open wounds. At the end of its regular meeting, the Council affirmed the following:

1. The Council appreciates the role played by the general secretary and his Executive Office colleagues in developing the group’s internal performance and opening up to the community.

2. We appreciate the great role and the enormous sacrifices made by the brave revolutionaries in the fight against the criminal gangs of the so-called Daash (also known as ISIL or ISIS) in the cities of Derna and Sirte. We pray to the Lord to accept the martyrs who passed in these battles. We also pray for a speedy recovery for the wounded. May God reward all those who contributed with or supported the revolutionaries in that successful campaign.

3. The Council warns all relevant bodies of the seriousness of what is said in the leaked calls between Khalifa Haftar and some Western powers, and their silence on the killings of innocent people in Derna and Benghazi, which raises questions about the West’s contradictory stances.

4. The Council condemns statements made in the message by Saudi Sheikh Rabie Al-Madkhali, who calls on Libyan youth to fight the February 17 revolutionaries who oppose the coup and the return of military rule. We denounce Sheikh Madkhali’s attack on Libyan scholars, especially His Eminence Dr Sadiq Abdul-Rahman Ghiryani, Libya’s Grand Mufti. We ask the Libyan government to address the Saudi government and the Fatwa authority to stop this blatant interference that leads to in-fighting among Libyans. We also call on Sheikh Madkhali’s young followers to act in the spirit of brotherhood and prudence, and not to yield to foreign agendas that conspire against our homeland.

5. The Council appreciates and praises the Turkish people for standing with Libya’s legitimate elected government and for foiling foreign schemes against the constitutional and democratic order in Turkey, aiming to drag Turkey back to economic, political and moral crises and the rampant corruption that thrives under military rule. We congratulate the government of Turkey on the patriotic people who rallied around it and defeated the evil conspiracy that served the country’s enemies. We call on our homeland’s citizens to copy that heroic stance of the Turkish people in defending and maintaining the democratic choice and rejecting a return to military rule by dictatorial force, especially as we suffered that for more than four decades.

6. The Council urges all relevant parties to do all they can to alleviate the suffering of overburdened citizens. We call on them to achieve true reconciliation, which is still missing.

We pray to God to bring us all together, to work in harmony for the greater good of the homeland.

The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council

Tripoli: Sunday – July 17, 2016