• July 8, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

Statement from Peaceful Protestors Survivors of Brutal Military Coup Massacre

Statement from Peaceful Protestors Survivors of Brutal Military Coup Massacre

In the name of God Most Merciful, Most Gracious

Statement to the whole world from the peaceful protestors who survived the massacre of the brutal military coup…

Earlier today (Monday, July 8), the seventh day of our peaceful sit-in outside the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo, and after repeatedly assuring military officials that our sit-in is peaceful, we were horrified when – in the middle of dawn prayers – we felt and heard a barrage of live bullets and tear gas bombs pouring down on worshipers, including women and children. More than 70 of us were killed – including five children – and more than a thousand were injured.

The heinous military coup revealed its ugly face after only six days, having already restricted the freedom of the media, laid siege to political parties, arrested politicians and fed the media a stream of misinformation.

Were these children planning to break into the heavily guarded Republican Guard headquarters?

Were these women armed and dangerous, and so had to be trapped inside Al-Mustafa mosque?

Were worshipers shooting while they knelt in dawn prayers?

The eyes of cowards will never rest or sleep. The utter lies and misinformation will not convince the Egyptians, nor the world. We say to every Egyptian soldier: shooting at the Egyptian people is a military crime punishable by the law and the Constitution and has no statute of limitations. It is an insult to the honor of the Egyptian soldier and the Egyptian military, whose leadership has put it in this despicable predicament.

We call on all the Egyptian people to rise up and descend on all public squares of Egypt… Move to save more citizens from falling to the treacherous bullets… Move to protect the Revolution and regain your liberty and dignity.

We will remain steadfast in our peaceful sit-in until we restore our Revolution and achieve freedom, pride and dignity for all our people.