• May 28, 2017
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Statement from President Mohamed Morsi’s Family

Statement from President Mohamed Morsi’s Family

This year, the holy month of Ramadan will be the fifth for legitimate President Mohamed Morsi behind bars, unjustly incarcerated by the military junta who prevent him from meeting or seeing anyone. This is the first Ramadan for his son Osama Mohamed Morsi, the lawyer and family spokesman, behind bars too.

The President’s family would like to give the Egyptian people a full account of the atrocities their elected President has been suffering since his abduction by coup forces on July 3, 2013:

First: President Mohamed Morsi has a complete visit ban; he is totally prohibited from seeing any member of his family or his even his lawyer since November 2013 until now.

Second: We, President Mohamed Morsi’s family, do not know anything about the location or conditions of his detention. We have no information about his food, drink or health condition, especially after he complained twice about threats endangering his life inside the prison where he is held, the last of which was on May 6, 2017.

Third: As for his son Osama Morsi, the lawyer and the President’s family spokesman, we affirm that since his arrest in December 2016, we have not been allowed to visit him in prison or to send him any medical treatment, clothes or food. Indeed, the putschist regime and the prison administration are vindictively violating all his rights, just as they are doing with his father the elected President of Egypt.

The President’s family reiterates its call to all free-thinking people in the whole world, to international human rights organizations, especially the United Nations, and to all those concerned with freedom and human rights to focus on these violations of the rights of President Mohamed Morsi and his son Osama Morsi.

President’s family also affirms that visiting President in prison is a right guaranteed by all international constitutions and laws governing justice, not a government-given gift.

The President’s family stresses that its request to visit him and his son Osama does not change the position of the President or his family regarding total rejection of the military coup and all measures taken since July 3, 2013.

Family of President Mohamed Morsi

Saturday – May 27, 2017