Statement from Syria Muslim Brotherhood

Statement from Syria Muslim Brotherhood
To All Syrian citizens…

To the men and women of the Syrian Revolution who believe in freedom, justice and human dignity…

With all the international, regional and local developments impacting Syrian territories, and the obstacles placed in the path of achieving the legitimate aspirations of our people, the Muslim Brotherhood issues this statement to all Syrians, the youth of the revolution, and to all international and regional powers, governments, leaders and the masses, to reiterate its commitment to its maxims, duties and obligations, and to declare  its latest positions and vows of retribution for the blood of the martyrs and sacrifices of our people and the bearers of the revolution’s banners.

The international and regional situation has exceeded all the laws and the principles and values ​​of human civilization, upon which the International Organization of the United Nations was established. The so-called "Friends of the Syrian People" proved to be nothing but a big trick. Now, everyone can see that there is a determined desire and an international conspiracy to deny the Syrian people their basic human rights. This is all done under headings, pretexts and allegations such as "the war on terror", "protection of minorities", "maintaining Syrian unity", or "protection of Syria’s state institutions".

International complicity was clear as the major powers allowed an influx of tens of thousands of Iranian murderers into Syria to participate in the killing of Syrian citizens, and allowed the terrorist Qassem Soleimani (wanted by international justice) to walk freely all over Syrian territories, and allowed the many horrific crimes involving use of internationally-banned weapons against helpless unarmed civilians, including chemical weapons, phosphorous bombs, Napalm and wall-piercing munitions.

This international complicity was also clear as the major powers prevented the arming of Syrians with air defense systems to help protect their lives, and refused to establish a safe buffer zone for displaced Syrians. Complicity of the international community was also clear as it agreed on the siege of millions of Syrians in their cities and towns. The worst of this complicity was witnessed in the distribution of bread and salt on hungry Syrians. This became one of the scandals of so-called UN humanitarian organizations.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria understands the international plot being orchestrated and carried out against the Syrian people and its future generations, after the international community abandoned the fulfillment of the most basic humanitarian and international commitments. The group affirms and declares as follows:

First – With God’s help, nothing can break the indomitable will of the Syrian people.

Second – The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria reiterates its commitment to all charters, covenants, patriotic pledges, visions for the future, that it previously announced in the 2001 National Charter, in the 2004 political project for Syria’s future, and the 2012 Covenant & Charter. The group is also committed to all articles in in these documents, including work for a civil state, a pluralistic democracy, based on the rules of equal citizenship and a civilian constitution that reflects the will of the political majority.

Third – The group stresses its condemnation and rejection of violence as a means to achieve political objectives, whatever the purpose and legitimacy. It affirms that the Syrian revolution derived its legitimacy first from the systematic and rampant brutality of the former Assad’s gangs, and second from the international community’s failure to fulfil its responsibilities in protecting civilians and international peace and security.

In this context, our group warns that international powers’ complicity in creating sectarian militias in our region will lead to militarization of all communities in the region, which will have tremendous repercussions, undesirable not only in our own region, but in the whole world.

Fourth – Reaffirming the group’s educational and enlightening role in advocacy, it emphasizes its impact as a leading Islamic group spreading moderation, and fighting extremism and the deviation in thought and behavior that result from that, and which leads to all forms of terrorism.

In this context, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syrian condemns terrorism in all its forms, and calls for an objective definition of the term, a definition that condemns the rampant terrorism of the lawless regime in Syria, and rejects the selective classification of terrorism based on religious, cultural or racial grounds.

Fifth – The group reiterates its commitment to the goals of the revolution, its full support for the will of the Syrian people, and its resolve for retribution for the martyrs’ blood and sacrifices, all in the framework of the Five Principles document, approved by Islamic, national and revolutionary forces, under the auspices of the Syrian Muslim Council.

Sixth – Fulfilling its positive effective role, for all followers of moderate Islam in Syria, the group will endeavor to cooperate with scholars and leaders, and with all the good people of our people, to create an Islamic national gathering that is positive moderate and influential, to collaborate in acts of righteousness and piety.

Seventh – Reaffirming its belief in dialogue between all components of Syrian society, the group reiterates its commitment to a political solution emanating from all-inclusive dialogue, and its sincere pursuit of that political solution.

Eighth – The group believes strongly in a fair political solution, and announces its total rejection of the military solution that all the forces of evil are endeavoring to impose on our people through the ongoing blockades, non-stop bombing raids and the sectarian invasion. At this point, the group says as follows:

• The group condemns the crushing siege imposed on our people for years now, which is totally overlooked by humanitarian and human rights organizations throughout the world.

• The group also condemns the daily brutal bombardment of innocent civilians by international forces, with all kinds of weapons, even internationally-banned ones.

• Furthermore, the group condemns and denounces the suspicious silence regarding the influx of tens of thousands of fighters in what has recently been called "Shiite Liberation Army". The group recognizes that the role of these Shiite gangs sponsored by the Iranian regime and Hezbollah, and which are deliberately overlooked by the international community, is to change the demographic map of Syria through atrocious acts of murder, deportation, and completing the stages of imposing a military solution plotted by the international conspirators.

• The group rejects and condemns the coalition of some major countries with certain ethnic or sectarian factions in direct involvement in a process to divide Syrian territories, which the group firmly and totally refuses.

• The group also condemns operations that go under the pretext of fighting terrorism to continue bombing and killing our people, as happened in the latest Kerry – Lavrov agreement.

The group also declares that the objective of the siege, bombardment, invasion and dubious alliances is brutal murder and forced displacement to break the will of our people, and to impose a military solution on the people’s representatives, under the false title of a ‘political solution’ allegedly sponsored by the UN.

Facing up to revelations of this international conspiracy to impose a Russian – Iranian military solution to be imposed on our people and our nation, the group announces the following:

1. The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria will not be a conduit for the crime of terminating the revolution, nor a bridge through which evil plots of the Russians and the Iranians and their accomplices are passed.

2. With all due respect for national action institutions and participants therein, the group declares it will always endeavor to make the positions of these institutions harmonious with the goals of the revolution, effective in serving the interests of this homeland; and will not be misled or distracted by any forces’ private agendas. The group will consider the decision to withdraw from these institutions, to focus on what it considers most important in protecting revolutionary and humanitarian work, at this critical stage in the life of our revolution, as it senses danger, and the lack of real role of these institutions.

3. The group affirms the autonomy of its patriotic decision, and declares that its commitment to retribution for the martyrs’ blood and the Syrian people’s sacrifices, and its support for the best interest of the Syrian revolution, are two things about which it will not hesitate or compromise.

Ninth – Despite the siege imposed on it, in many forms, by various international and regional powers, the group will continue to put all its resources in the service of this homeland, Syria, and the revolution and mankind. It will do all it can to support the aspirations of the Syrian people, and assist the escalation of their struggle in all arenas, and will continue to endeavor to participate in building effective civil society institutions, to contribute to every positive effort at all levels.

Tenth – The group confirms that its positive-spirit pursuit of more openness to all social and national politics forces will not stop. It reaffirms it faith in political dialogue as an essential means to achieve the overall national goals.

Eleventh – The group affirms that all its institutional efforts will remain available for general national objectives, rather than specific programmatic project, and believes that all private programmatic projects will continue to be deferred in order for our people to achieve their aspirations.

We say to our people: Do not despair. Have no fear, only hope and optimism, work, giving, sacrifice, and cooperation in good endeavors.

September 11, 2016

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria