Statement from the General Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood

Statement from the General Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood

The General Shura (Consultative) Council of the Muslim Brotherhood decided in its meeting in October 2021, as scheduled in the previous session, with a valid quorum in which more than 75% of all its members participated. The council approved the following decisions by a majority of its participants :

– Exemption of Mr. Ibrahim Munir from his duties as deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and his charge d’affaires (84% of participants).

– Abolish the Authority formed in accordance with its document issued by the Shura on 16th January 2021, and refer the projects it has started to the institutions of the Executive and the Consultative Group concerned (78% of the participants).

– In making these decisions, the council was keen to contain all the violations of not abiding by the regulations, marginalizing the Brotherhood’s institutions, and not abiding by the decisions of the Shura Council for a whole year, as it is the supreme authority of the Brotherhood and its authority. The council had previously put forth mechanisms to stop these violations, but unfortunately, the agreed agreements were not respected.

– The Council affirms that it was keen to consider that this was an internal matter that does not need to be made public, but because of the media pressure and the Council’s appreciation for the role of the media in reporting the truth, the Council issued this statement and we call upon all brothers to abide by it. This statement expresses the official vision of the Brotherhood.

“God Is the Greatest”

Muslim Brotherhood

Wednesday (7th Rabi’ al-Awal 1443) – (13th October 2021)