• July 17, 2006
  • 13 minutes read

Statement of Islamic Movements’ Leaders Condemning Israel

Statement of Islamic Movements’ Leaders Condemning Israel

Statement of Islamic Movements Leaders Condemns Israeli Insolence and Rejects Savage attachs On Palestine and Lebanon


To all free people around the world and all Arab and Muslim Nations:


Day after day, the suspected scheme for our region is being exposed, with [Israel] determined to make our region a hotbed of killings and hatred through a systematic campaign of  extermination against civilization and humanity.


The atrocities perpetrated against the people in Palestine and Lebanon by criminal gangs is aiming to wipe out our nations from the map by eliminating all elements of our survival. What is happening in Palestine and Lebanon is much more heinous than all the ethnic cleansing campaigns in history, even that perpetrated by the mad Nazis.                                                                


The crimes committed by the [Israeli] forces are occuring under the nose of the entire world, with indiscriminate destruction of houses and killing of women and children. These criminals also destroyed the infrastructure and vital facilities under false pretences and are commiting all these predetermined crimes in collaboration with those backing them.


All the excuses made by the aggressors to justify their crimes are false and disproportionate. The children of Palestine and Lebanon have become a target of an arrogant military force backed by an international power which claims that it is the beacon of humanity and civilization and human rights.


We must not give rein to the killers and criminals to persist with their destructive policy which contravenes with all values, human principles and international laws.


The international collaboration with the aggressors and the state of Arab defeat have gone as far as to justify the aggressions on Palestine and Lebanon. This attitude makes way for eliminating values and return of the Nazi -like crimes which exceeded all limits and attacked unarmed people who don’t have even the simplest means to defend themselves and who are deprived of any national or international protection.


We condemn all crimes committed by the [Zionist enemy] against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, and against humanity and civilization. we call on all of our countries to close ranks and get together and stand up against this brutal aggression with its bombers targeting our people indiscriminately. It is incumbent on us to bypass our disagreements and stand up against aggression and confront the enemy with the language it understands which is the language of force.


We denounce all direct or implied threats to Syria, and we reject any attacks on its sovereignty under any pretext.  We also call on the honorable people in our nations and the free people of the world to intervene before it is too late and before the aggression spills over into our cities and countries . . .


Leaders of the Islamic movements:


Dr.Mohammed  Habib, the MB  Deputy Chairman( Egypt)


Khairat el Shater, the MB  Deputy Chairman( Egypt)


Sheikh Rashed el Ghannoushy , the Chairman of  Tunisian  Nahda Movement (Muslim Brotherhood)


Ali Sadruddin el Bayanoni, the Syrian MB Chairman


Salem el Flahat, the Jordanian MB Chairman 


Zaki Bin Arshed,  the Jordanian Jabhat Ala’amal Alislamy Chairman


Suleiman Abdul Kader, the Libyan MB Chairman


Sheikh Sadek Abdul Majed, the Sudanese MB Chairman


Sheikh Abu Jarrah Sultani, the Algerian  Chairman of Peace Society Movement( Muslim Brotherhood )


Abd Almaged Almanasra,  the Algerian Peace Society Movement Deputy Chairman( Muslim Brotherhood )