Statement Of National Salvation Front On Syria’s Election Farce

The National Salvation Front in Syria that adopted its project for a national and democratic change, realized well that the situation is in Syria has reached, after more than forty four years of a continuous dictatorial and authoritarian rule that distorted all forms of the free political and union actions in Syria, serious dimensions due to the corruption of a tyrannical and politically circumlocutive regime that lacks legitimacy and does not respect people’s will, options and participation in making their present and future .
A cross anatomy of the current structural, political and intellectual stages that the regime is passing confirms that it has failed in all these fields, leading to a negative effect on the lives of people who are currently marginalized and deprived of the rights of citizenship. The front has reached a clear and frank conclusion: that the continuous demands for reforms under the current security-based regime are mere illusions that only to this regime’s interest and only serve a more tight grip on people.
Therefore, the national project for change, that the front has offered, was accompanied by an executive program so as to be a practical translation on the political reality; this executive program determined that the demand for a radical change is the only solution for saving Syria during these serious circumstances, and the ” old-new regime” maintains its policy of repressing people and ruling them with an iron fist; this regime has broken its promises of modernization, it has maintained the election law that has no meaning on the ground for the Syrian people, because any election process should have criteria and mechanisms which are still missing and are considered taboos in the Syrian political life.
The National Salvation Front in Syria, that adopted the option of a peaceful democratic national change through establishing new relations between parties of the Syrian national movement, is based on a multiple democracy that contributes to moving the national awareness to the level of a democratic action and practice; it gave the national action a wide political space through participations of all Syrians across the religious and sectarian spectrum, including giving the Kurdish political and cultural movement the opportunity to express the will of the Kurdish citizens because they are partners of homeland and self-determination and because they faced huge injustice due to depriving them of their political, cultural and civilian rights; the front sought a new framework of interaction to reinforce the national awareness and develop the national ties in order to build a new Syria that embraces citizenship, justice, freedom and equality in rights and duties, a free Syria for all its citizens.
The National Salvation Front in Syria sees, while it is following up the deteriorating domestic situation and while the repeated farce of the legislative elections and referendum on the post of the president whose last seven years were full of failure and chaos and breaking ranks among the Syrians, that maintaining this farce means maintaining the policy of showing carelessness and disrespect to people’s will and the top interests of the country. These elections and the referendum will be held under the constitution which was tailored according to an authoritarian rule and according to decree No. 26 dated 14 April 1973 that constitutes an authoritative mechanism based on appointment and maintaining disrespect to the public opinion; everyone knows that it is a meaningless process as long as it is under 1973 constitution that led to such a deterioration, corruption and backwardness, and deprived people of their right to choose, elect and nominate; this constitution continues to rig the election process and deprive hundreds of thousands of Kurdish citizens of their right to exercise their right in nominating and electing through not restoring their right in the Syrian citizenship after the tyrannical regime denationalized them more than four decades ago.
The National Salvation Front in Syria sees that the so called election process is the very election rigging; it is carried out with the same decades-old authoritarian mechanism under the state of emergency, martial laws and article no. 8 of the constitution that allows only one single party to monopolize the political action, and the fascist law no. 49 of the year 1980 that sentences to death anyone for just his affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood and under lacking a new law for freedom of parties and elections; all these can be eradicated only through eradicating this tyrannical regime and its figures; the regime tried to convince people that they are fair elections with decorating the process with imported transparent glass boxes and secret ink, symbolic measure that have no effect on the illegitimacy of election process; it is only an exposed attempt to show that the election process is transparent under a regime which is defamed for its tyrannical, unjust and dark rule, a regime that sidelines the other and even kills this other, if possible, according to its history inside and outside Syria.
The legitimacy of political regime depends on providing five main pillars:
First: the legitimacy of reaching rule,
Second: Separating between the legislative, executive and judicial powers and giving them independence and freedom of work,
Third: A constitution that defines the legal framework for the political process,
Fourth: Allowing the opposition to participate in the political process and adopting the freedoms of political action, press, media and opinion, so as to provide bodies that monitor and follow up the performance of the political regime, and
Fifth: Restoring nationality to those denationalized for racial and political reasons.
The Syrian people know well that all these pillars are missing, in addition to the work of very repressive security services which haven’t been witnessed in any dictatorial regimes, except in Syria.
The National Salvation Front in Syria calls on all parties of the national movement, professional, student and civilian associations and unions and all the Syrians to break the barrier of fear, marginalization and rigging, and urges them to boycott the farce of the elections, the direct factor that led Syria to this political, national, human rights, social and economic deterioration; the front calls for this boycott to develop the awareness of demanding rights prescribed by all constitutions and covenants, activate the democratic practice and make people return to do their political roles and amend what the tyrannical regime deformed in Syria, so as to make this boycott a practical launching pad for a democratic and national change, the only way for correcting all deviations that affected everything in the Syrian life.
No …to participating in the process for forging people’s will
Yes…to a full boycott towards a democratic and national change in Syria.
The National Salvation Front in Syria