Statement of the Egyptian NPF on Patriotic Duty of Lifting the Fatal Siege On Gaza

Statement of the Egyptian NPF on  Patriotic Duty of Lifting the Fatal Siege On Gaza
In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Statement of the Egyptian National Political Forces”
on the Moral, Humanitarian, National, and Patriotic Duty
of Lifting the Fatal Siege On Gaza
November 25, 2008
The Palestinian people, especially those in Gaza, are suffering a catastrophic humanitarian tragedy that has dug their grave as they continue to be besieged and prevented from food, medicine, fuel, and electricity. Silence to this grievous crime committed against them in an attempt to break their will is, therefore, in its self a crime against morality and humanity as well as nationalism and patriotism.  Hence, our consciences and the consciences of every live and free individual will not rest until we are able to help our brothers, even if it means sharing our loaf of bread, water, and medicine.  Not only is this a humanitarian cause but an Islamic duty that urges us to help those who are in need even if they are polytheists, and to stand up for the oppressed regardless of their religion, school of thought, or race.  If this were the case of Muslims with non-Muslims, then how would it be with our fellows in Gaza who continue to implore us for help?  Allah had ordered us in the Quran to cooperate in what is good and pious rather than in what is sinful and hostile.  So what is better and more pious than relieving those who are in grief, feeding the hungry, protecting the fearful, and supporting the oppressed?  And what is more sinful and hostile than taking part in the Israeli siege that has been imposed on our brothers to the extent of choking and killing them?
European relief ships that have broken the siege several times in a noble humanitarian stance have marked with shame and disgrace those who”ve mobilized their troops to prevent local relief caravans from saving our Palestinian fellows, harming its leaders and detaining its participants.
For us, the Land of Palestine is a land of holy Islamic and Christian heritage that we will not give up and which will continue to be a trust on our shoulders as well as the next generation”s until we regain it from the usurpers, with the help of Allah.  The land of Palestine is also the geographical extension of Egypt; so the issue represents one of the greatest threats to our national security.  Therefore, helping our enemies at the expense of our fellows will sooner or later threaten the coming generations.
The Arab league previously made the decision to break the siege on Gaza, but hasn”t executed it until now, and the tragic situation has reached its peak, so what are they waiting for?  Moreover, if the Gulf is going to be supporting the West in confronting the global financial crisis with hundreds of billions of dollars, then shouldn”t their brothers in Palestine who are besieged by death have a right to at least a tenth of a tenth of this support?  Who could have imagined that one day Arabs and Muslims would take part in this fatal siege imposed on their brothers in Palestine and they were the ones who, in 1948, under the “backward” regimes, as they claim, rose to save their brothers by providing them weapons and fighters.
The split between Palestinian factions is no excuse and has nothing to do with the oppressive siege for, although we are encouraging reconciliation and unity, we are talking now about an issue that is a matter of life or death for the Palestinian people regardless of their political affiliations.
Moreover, the agreements of opening and closing the borders are invalid excuses because no agreement should lead to the destruction of a people, their starvation, or deprivation from medical treatment.  Furthermore, these agreements belittle Egyptian sovereignty as their execution means participating in the commitment of a crime against humanity.
Therefore we emphasize the necessity of the following:
1.    Opening the Rafah border in a natural manner and for Egypt to practice its sovereignty over it in coordination with Palestine according to security and customs procedures for entering and exiting individuals and goods.
2.    Enabling Egyptian, Arab, and international relief caravans to carry on their duty of relieving their fellow Palestinians.
3.    Providing Gaza with fuel and electricity according to commercial agreements signed by the companies responsible.
4.    Enabling national forces to express their views through conferences, strikes, and peaceful demonstrations that express Egypt”s true weight in the Arab and Islamic world and exert pressure on the Israeli-American alliance.
5.    That Arab and Muslim rulers take a stance that embraces the hopes and ambitions of people of providing financial support and aid and saving the people of Gaza from the siege of starvation and death imposed on them.
6.    Resort to judicature to rule out border agreements signed by the Egyptian regime against Egyptian people”s will and cancelling the Camp David agreement known as the Peace agreement.