Statement on Criminal Practices Against Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman in Coup Prison

Statement on Criminal Practices Against Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman in Coup Prison

 The Muslim Brotherhood holds the coup authorities fully responsible for the life of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman, 

Dr. Mohamed Badie,

and all detainees, especially the sick and the elderly, who are subject to systematic killing, following information by the Dr. Badie’s daughter, which confirms that we are under the rule of a gang that has exhausted its balance of humanity.

Dr. Mohamed Badie
is a 75-year-old elder, a world-class scholar, chosen among the top 100 scholars in the Arab world, and the top leader of the World’s largest Islamic movement. It is unbelievable that such public figure is being arrested, detained,  deprived of the most basic elements of life. To torture him, his solitary cell is stripped of basic necessities. For a whole year, he is forced to sleep on the cell’s floor, and lately they mercilessly took away the blanket and the chair that he needs badly since he is suffering damaged cartilage and a fracture in the foot and cannot sit on the ground.

They have practiced the same savage practices with the former chairman,  Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, who passed away in the tyrants’ prisons.

The Muslim Brotherhood, as it reports to the public opinion the savagery perpetrated against the Chairman, and also against Dr. Essam Al Haddad, his son Gihad Al Haddad and all the prisoners in the tyrants’ notorious prisons, we submit an urgent complaint to all human rights organizations and all people of free conscience World-wide to move immediately so as to stop this systematic killing of innocent honorable people. 

The coup perpetrators probably think that these crimes they commit will undermine these men’s resolve or weaken their determination; however, all this will never change their pricipled positions and their souls will never surrender not even for a moment.  

Dr. Talaat Fahmy
Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood
Sunday, Jumada II 16, 1439 AH, March 4, 2018