• December 25, 2006
  • 7 minutes read

Statement on Current War in Somalia, Ethiopian Intervention

Statement on Current War in Somalia, Ethiopian Intervention


The Ethiopian government was used for long to exercise political and military interventions in Somalia, seizing the opportunity of  the political disagreements among Somali parties and lacking a strong and effective central government amidst the Somali arena.


It is certain now that the Ethiopian forces are waging heated wars inside Somalia.


Thus, Harakat Al-Islah (Reform Movement) calls for the following:


1- That the Ethiopian government withdraws its forces immediately and without any conditions from all Somali territories.


2- That the Somali people everywhere close ranks to defend the independence and sovereignty of their country.


3- We call on the interim government and the council of the Islamic courts to immediately resume the negotiations and dialogue based on their previous agreements in Sudan’s Khartoum.


4- Finally, the movement urges the international community, specially the United Nations, the Arab League and the Organization of African Unity to intervene in order to stop the critical condition that the country is passing and to be up to their responsibilities towards Somalia in order to prevent any foreign intervention that may violate the Somali unity and national sovereignty.


Allah is Greater…Praise be to Allah 


Sheikh Al-Abdullah Ali Hily

Spokesman of Harakat Al-Islah (Reform Movement)