Statement to the Arab and Islamic Nation before the convening of the Arab League

Statement to the Arab and Islamic Nation before the convening of the Arab League


As part of the ongoing follow-up by the “Muslim Brotherhood” group to what is happening in Gaza, with successive massacres and deliberate targeting of civilians amid international silence and Arab inaction, the group, along with the masses of the Arab and Islamic peoples, anticipates the developments of the Arab summit scheduled to be held tomorrow in Riyadh.

In this regard, the group clarifies the following:

The group denounces the delay in convening an emergency summit of the Arab League and holding it a month after the aggression, which ignores all the massacres committed by the Zionist enemy, allowing it full opportunity to execute a war of extermination that has resulted in more than ten thousand martyrs, most of them women and children. This also ignores the Arab peoples’ anger that will not remain silent for long on this official inaction, and will not accept more official incapacity to intervene or take any stance to support the cause and affirm the right of the Palestinian people to repel the occupation, and the right of resistance to repel and confront aggression by all possible means; considering it a legitimate right to freedom, independence, and self-defense.

The group affirms that the occupation, and the world powers supporting it, branding the resistance as terrorists, is a false attempt that the Arab regimes must disavow, and instead affirm that the real terrorism is the crimes committed by the occupation.

The ongoing diplomatic representation between the Zionist entity and some Arab countries, even now, after all these events, is a mark of shame on these regimes. Also, the inability to secure humanitarian aid and ensure the opening of crossings to and from the Gaza Strip is a participation in the genocide being committed against the residents of the Strip.

The group, seeing the signs of victory emerging from the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood that destroyed all normalization projects, reaffirms its position against normalization with the entity, and against the Deal of the Century. It also supports the popular campaign to boycott the economic, financial, and corporate entities supporting this usurping entity, and here we pay tribute to the role played by the Egyptian people along with all the Arab and Islamic peoples in this regard.

We value the efforts of some Arab delegations at the UN General Assembly, which succeeded in passing the Arab resolution on October 28, 2023, demanding an “immediate, permanent, and continuous humanitarian truce leading to the cessation of fighting." Despite the group's strong reservations about some of the wording in the resolution, it sees the necessity to work with anything that can de-escalate and stop the barbaric Zionist bombing of civilians, and start an urgent humanitarian truce.

The group warns of the consequences of the war in Gaza, and the widening scope of the conflict, posing a danger to Arab national security, especially the neighboring countries, and also of the enemy’s attempts to separate north Gaza from its south. The group sees the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood as still representing an opportunity to turn the course of the conflict towards reclaiming the rights of the Palestinian people and protecting Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Finally, history will neither forgive nor forget those who remained silent, indifferent, or failed to fulfill their responsibilities and duties regarding what is happening in Gaza. These disgraceful positions will remain in the pages of shame and dishonor in our nation’s history, which is about to rise to reclaim its freedom and dignity.

Allah is The Greatest, and all praise is due to Him.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hussein

Acting General Guide of the “Muslim Brotherhood”

Friday, 26th Rabi’ al-Thani 1445 AH, November 9, 2023 CE.