• September 30, 2016
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Stop Execution of Egypt Campaign Relaunched, Demanding End to Death Penalty in Egypt

Stop Execution of Egypt Campaign Relaunched, Demanding End to Death Penalty in Egypt

Stop the Execution of Egypt campaign has been relaunched (the second time in three years), as the junta regime in Egypt persists in its absurd policy of confusing and linking legal and political issues, and ferociously seeks to eliminate opponents through make-believe legal execution orders, often using military courts in the overall illegal process.

This is a serious violation of a citizen’s first and inherent human right: the right to life, and pushes the country ages back into its darkest eras, as the junta’s clear encroachment on judicial work, dresses up political score-settling in law and justice processes.

This means that now variables of the political situation constitute a tremendous change in the meaning of a court sentence and the extent of its relevance to the constitution and the law. In fact this is how, in a century (the twentieth century), Egypt issued 1429 death sentences. However, since the July 3, 2013 coup, (i.e. in just about 3 years), the coup regime courts sentenced to death 1840 people in 44 cases, including 10 tried in military courts.

Based on the above, the Stop the Execution of Egypt campaign is reaching out to all activists and political forces, and indeed to all states and governments of the world, to co-operate and work together to achieve the following objectives:

1) Stop the death penalty in Egypt until the political situation is more settled. Unfortunately, it now affects the work of the judiciary, causing the noticeable confusion between political and legal issues, and leading to a situation where citizens accused of any crime are not guaranteed an appropriate chance of getting a fair trial.

2) Stop hauling civilians before military courts, give people their right to be tried before their natural judge, and provide all with fair-trial guarantees.

3) Keep the judiciary away from the political process and its influence, and activate the role of the judiciary and prosecutors to enforce the law and investigate legal matters, not to achieve the objectives of political authorities.

4) Ensure justice and fairness to the accused in all cases, give the accused the right to defend themselves and to clarify their views as safeguarded by the Constitution and the law.

5) Stop fabrication of accusations by executive authorities, especially National Security apparatuses that endeavor to extract "confessions" from defendants after torture or enforced disappearance, something which calls into question all alleged confessions used in court cases.

6) Ensure cases are based on real evidence, rather than just interrogators’ statements and the views of executive bodies.

7) Activate the role of civil society and human rights organizations, especially in prisons oversight and attending hearings, and ensure the availability of maximum guarantees of justice and neutrality in all cases.

#‏اوقفوا_الاعدام_فى_مصر (Stop executions in Egypt)

# StopEgyEx

The Execution of a Homeland Campaign


Signatories to campaign statement:

Egyptian Coordinating Committee of Rights and Freedoms

The Execution of a Homeland Campaign

Human Rights Monitor

Shehab Center for Human Rights

Justice for Human Rights (Foundation)

Arab-African Centre for Rights and Freedoms

Center for Victims of Human Rights

Association of Families of Burg Al-Arab Detainees

Humanitarian Organization of Rights and Freedoms

US-Egyptian Organization for Freedom and Justice – USA

Egyptian-American Association for Democracy and Human Rights – New York and New Jersey