Stop The Executions in Egypt

Stop The Executions in Egypt

After an unfair trial, a man loses his life… youth, old people, men, women, children, students, professors, engineers, doctors, journalists… just because of their opposition to a regime that violated everything in order to survive.

‏Right now…

‏Hundreds of political opponents of the military coup in Egypt are facing a fierce campaign by the junta regime, with both its executive and judicial branches, through executions against dissidents, using illegal processes, just because of their different political views.

‏In so-called "Kafr el-Sheikh Stadium" case, and case "174 Military", death awaits 10 youth – innocent civilians sentenced to die by military courts – to meet the same fate of those youth already executed in the "Arab Sharkas" case. The same sad fate also awaits hundreds more in similarly sham political cases.

‏- In three years,793 death sentences were issued by junta justice, of which one has been executed. 

‏- In 10 military cases, 60 death sentences were issued, of which 6 have been implemented.

‏These cases have no factual evidence of the "defendant" committing the alleged crimes. The death sentences are issued in summary and rushed hearings, where the judicial authority violates the human right to life, the right to decent humane treatment.

‏Thus, we believe it is our humanitarian duty, especially on the 14th anniversary of the World Day Against the Death Penalty (October 10), to stand in solidarity together, to stand up and face up to a repressive authority that violates the right to life.

‏Egypt has achieved unprecedented record highs in the issuing of death sentences, in intensely politicized cases, in farcical court sessions that trampled fair trial standards.

‏We are launching a global campaign to face the death sentences issued against political dissidents in Egypt, in this turbulent political stage. This campaign is essential in order to save human beings, who deserve to live their lives in peace.

‏Irregularities and violations monitored in executions threaten peace and security of the Egyptian society, and violate an inherent human right – the right to life.


Monday – October 10, 2016



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