Stop the Genocide crime and abuse of the Iraqi people by Bader Brigade

The United Nations Council
Pan Arab Organization
All Arabic and Islamic Kings, Presidents, and Leaders
All Heads of States around the world
US Congress
All Human right Organizations
Amnesty International
Red Cross
and all International Organizations

We, the undersigned, petition the United Nations, its Security Council, Heads of States, and all International Organizations to declare that the Genocide and abuse of the Iraqi people (Sunni and some of Shia) and in particular the Arab Sunnis, by the Bader Brigade Militia and the Iraqi Minister of Interior (Beyan Jaber Soulak( and the chief of Bader Militia (Hadi Al Ameri) and his team firmly constitutes a Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and we demand that proper legal action be taken against the perpetrators of these crimes.

Furthermore, we insist that these crimes which have reached the terrifying extent of randomly executing around a hundred of innocent Iraqi Sunni Arab civilians each day after being arrested by the forces of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior at their homes or during while praying at their Mosques only to discover their bodies a few days later dead with marks of widespread torture and bullets in their heads.

Integrating Bader Militia in army and police forces, gave it legalization to carry it’s terrorist act against Iraqi people without any obstacle.

Bader Militia involved in assassinating Iraqi academics, Iraqi Doctors, Iraqi writers, Religion men, Iraqi Artist, Iraqi Pilots and officers who did there duty as officers in Army during Iraqi-Iran war, as Bader Militia sectarian organization with a link to the Iranian Intelligent organization. Also it involved in the operations of eviction of Sunni and Shia Muslims from there homes, in order to initiate the civil war and divided Iraq.

Furthermore, the detainees while being held by the Ministry of Interior are subjected to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment which is far worse than detainees held by the USA in its different secret locations in Baghdad and other locations. This mistreatment and criminal acts of torture is carried out by the Bader Militia with the full knowledge and under the supervision of the Iraqi Minister of Interior (Beyan Jaber Soulak) and his team and is wide spread in all the Sunni cities all over the country and it is taking place at the Ministry’s facilities and other detention centers in Iraq. We demand that these atrocious acts be declared a violation of fundamental human rights and a breach of the Geneva Conventions, and that those responsible be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The Bader Militia forces in Iraq, which is taking from Ministry of Interior, and other security offices a cover is carrying daily and consistently war crimes and crimes against humanity, including genocide crimes against the Iraqi Sunni people in addition to crimes against the Shiaa people (who opposed them). We remind you of the:

1. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
2. Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity
3.Principles of international co-operation in the detection, arrest, extradition and punishment of persons guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity

We also found that the USA occupation forces and its allies are not taking any action necessary to stop this blood shade and to defend the civilian population from the barbaric acts and Genocide crimes that the Bader and other Shia Militia are carrying out daily in Iraq. On the contrary we find that the USA occupying forces and their allies are watching and encouraging these Militias to take the initiative in attacking the Arabic Sunnis in order to direct the situation towards a civil war. As the Secretary General of Amnesty International Irene Khan puts it, “The US administration has shown a consistent disregard for the Geneva Conventions and basic principles of law, human rights and decency. The US forces in Iraq has shown a consistent disregard for:
1. Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.
2. Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International & Non International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I & II)

This has created a climate in which Iraqi Interior Ministry forces feel they can dehumanize and degrade prisoners with impunity. What we now see in Iraq is the logical consequence of the relentless pursuit of the ‘war on terror’ regardless of the costs to human rights and the rules of war.”

We are signing this petition in the hope that the international community will take up Amnesty International’ s appeal to the U.S. administration to;

Putting an end to all this Genocide and abuse of the Iraqi people (and the Arab Sunnis in particular).
To arrest all those who shared in these crimes, First, the Iraqi Minister of Interior (Beyan Jaber Soulak( and the Chief of Bader Militia; (Hadi Al Ameri).
We invite the United Nations experts covering torture and arbitrary detention to immediately visit all detention facilities in Iraq and wherever else they may seek such a visit. – make use of the services of the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission provided for by Article 90 of Additional Protocol II of the Geneva Conventions to look into the allegations of abuse and related US investigations. – ensure that any victims of torture or inhumane treatment receive full reparations, including compensation, as required under international law.

It is the duty of the international community to do all in its power to protect the rights of Iraqi people by putting an end to the abuses and prosecuting those responsible.


The International Islamic Human Right Association in Iraq (IHRAS)
Baghdad – Iraq

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Stop the Genocide crime and abuse of the Iraqi people by the squadron’s

death of Bader Brigade


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