Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Keep on deluding yourselves folks. Had I been in charge of your Education, I would grant you free PHD’s in Deceit, Duplicity and Denial.

And for the most “brilliant” amongst you and there are many – I shall grant you an Honoris Causa in Mediocrity.

The 3 D Doctorates and the added M – a bonus from me to you with loving appreciation for your “intellectual” endeavors.

There is a theory in botany, that analyses the lifespan of a fungus. It says that fungus (mushroom is a fungus by the way) only thrives in darkness and humidity and is basically fed on excrements.

That is the most propitious environment for it.

I shall do two things. Expose you to light and ask everyone to stop watering you . As for the excrement part, this I have no direct control over, but am sure, neutralizing the 2 others, darkness and humidity, one would hope that with enough shit up to your eyeballs and a great bout of constipation, you will eventually explode.

What has prompted this “sudden” outburst of “venom” as you like to call it ?
I will tell you, you triple D’s and various M’s.

Yesterday the barrel of oil hit 100$. Inflation is about 80% in Iraq, and over 60% in neighboring countries.

A half way decent cup of coffee costs about 5$. Forget about eating out in a restaurant. Forget buying clothes, books, CD’s and the rest. Austerity is on the table.

Iraqi refugees, for the most part very poor, do not venture out except to beg, or engage in some menial job. For the most part they stay cooped up at “home” if you can call that a home, living off charity…

Iraqis inside of their country – if you can still call that a country – live the same predicament.

During the great leader Saddam Hussein’s reign, food was subsidized.

Rice, flour, sugar, oil, soap, etc… During his great reign, and I am deliberately using the word GREAT, because compared to you 3 D’s and M’s it was GREAT, and that despite the sanction years, sanctions you imposed upon us – people could still afford to feed themselves and at least had a job.

Today Iraqi women vow to fast Ramadan not for one month but for the whole year, to feed their kids. The majority of Iraqis, i.e. over 80% live off, on less than 1 $ a day. (see article from IRIN here)

You say he was a dictator – Ha!

You are the dictators, you are the tyrants, you are the terrorists…
You are the ones who ruined this country, who pillaged it, who raped and killed its people and destroyed its history…

You are the ones who divided it into sects and ethnicities, collaborating with the most fascistic elements inside of it, like the chauvinists, Zionists, Kurds and the sectarian, backward Shiites.

You have given us a Shi”ite Iranian theocracy, and if the Iraqi national Resistance finally does away with these Persian turbaned scum from Qum, Nejaf and Kerbala, we will be left with an another theocracy “Sunni” flavored.

I thought you were against Fundamentalism, are you not? How come your fucking occupation encouraged both kinds?

Don’t tell me, I know already.

You are the ones who created Al-Qaeda and you are the ones who fed this other fungus called political Shi’ism in its most deviant form called Khomeinism.

You are indeed the real Terrorists. You are indeed the blood vampires. You are the Al-Qaedas of this world.

You say, we were oppressed and repressed under a ”totalitarian regime”. Ha!

And what are you doing you motherfuckers. Are you not oppressing and repressing us?

Did you know that anyone, and I mean anyone who dares criticize your favorite puppet Al-Maliki (from the Iranian Al-Dawa party) and the other Kurdish pimp called Talabani, the so-called President of Iraq – I shit on such presidency by the way – disappears in dungeons?

Did you know that people are abducted from their homes on bogus charges and are imprisoned and tortured if they dare speak out against the filthy rapists/thugs/corrupt militias you have installed in power. The militias bearing the name of the king driller who ethnically cleansed the whole of Baghdad and goes by the name of Muqtada al-Sadr?

Did you know that anyone who utters a word against the new Jews of Iraq, also called the Badr Brigades of Hakim’s SCII, whom your filthy Kissinger praises, also disappears in prisons camps never to be seen again? And do remember that SCII is an Iranian creation par excellence. They even have the same “Islamic revolutionary council” in Iran.

Did you know that the other Zionist Jews we have and who go by the name of Kurds, have become known for their being the best drug, arms and whore smugglers in the Middle East?

Did you know that women are forced to veil, even the Christian ones – otherwise we face an ugly death and the lucky ones among us might have acid thrown on her face and body?

Did you know that the whole of Baghdad is sealed behind walls like ghettoes and that digital prints, iris scans, and badges are required to move from one neighborhood to another?

Did you know that today’s Iraq is considered the second most corrupt country in the world?

Did you know that billions of Dollars are being stolen from the Iraqi treasury – a trend set by your gangster Bremer and diligently followed by the puppet government and parties you put into power?

Do you know what kind of militias run the so called provinces – like Basrah, Diyala, Baquba, Baghdad, Diwaniyah and the rest ?

Do you have any fucking idea what you brought to Iraq ?

Do you have any idea how many widows we have ? Over 1 million.

Do you have any idea how many orphans we have ? 5 million.

Do you have any idea how many people died, disappeared, or are in prisons ?

1+ million dead, the injured and the disappeared in the hundred of thousands, and over 150’000 in prisons.

Forget what you hear about the “modest” sum of 45’000 incarcerated. It is a LIE.
But then you lie as well. What difference does it make- you tell me !?

Do you know how many of us are exiled, without jobs and with no resources? Forget about the bullshit you read in your newspapers.

In Syria alone, the official number is 2 Million and the unofficial is 3.5 Million.

So you duplicitous, deceitful, in denial bastards that you are , where is your Democracy ?

And when I say You, am not only addressing you – parasitic, fungus like Americans, I am also addressing the so-called respectable Western world of my butt.
And this is not only limited to Westerners, oh no, am including everyone here.
In particular the vile Iranians, the filthy Israelis and their Zionist buddies, and the equally filthy Arabs.

Bottom line, you filthy bastards, you have ruined our lives. You have destroyed and ruined our lives.

And you say Saddam Hussein, the legitimate President of Iraq was a tyrant? Ha, Ha, and Ha.

He gassed his own people? Another fabricated lie, one among many others, and another Ha! But please do tell me about your depleted Uranium that circulates in our bloodstream and the burns from your white phosphorus and napalm.

He tortured? Ha! What about your tortures and rapes – Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Mahmoudiah, Falluja, Baghdad, Basrah and the rest ?

He clamped down on dissent? Hahahahahaha.

Ask us 4.5million exiled what dissent is all about and ask the 150’000 in your Iranian/Iraqi Shiite shit and American prisons.

He was repressive against the Kurds and the Shiites? Another hahahaha.
Those whom he so-called repressed are running today’s Iraq and what a beautiful sight it is!

He was a CIA agent? hahahahahahahahaha. No you fuck heads. The CIA agents are Chalabi, Maliki, Muqtada Al –Sadr, A.Al-Hakim, Barazani and Talabani. The same people who came on American tanks and whom the GREAT Saddam Hussein kept at bay and RIGHTLY so.

This is YOUR REALITY. This is the reality you created. And you still come and spill more lies – you triple D’s, you mediocre, parasitic, feeble fungus…


I will add another D here.

You Deceitful, Duplicitous, in Denial, Disgusting lot.
You Deceitful, Duplicitous, in Denial, Disgusting, fungus, parasitic people.
You Deceitful, Duplicitous, in Denial, Disgusting, Mediocre – shame to be called human beings – people.