Strike For the Release of Gaza Events Detainees

Strike For the Release of Gaza Events Detainees

On Sunday night, February 8, the Press Syndicate”s Liberty Committee held a conference on the detainees of freedom in Egypt. The conference opened with a strike on the stairway of the syndicate in which different political forces participated including the wives of MB detainees and of others such as the wife of Labor Party Secretary General Magdy Hussein who was detained immediately upon his return from Gaza.

Participants called for detainees” immediate release as well as media and legal guarantees that detainees will not be exposed to the security holding liable all those who shared in the frightening of children during the detainment campaign.  Participants further requested medical treatment of detainees whose health conditions deteriorated inside prison at the expense of the state.

Detainees” wives called on the National Council for Women to take on their role in protecting their husbands as they called on children”s rights councils to protect their young children from the heinousness of the security. 

Head of the Arab Doctors Union Relief Committee Gamal Abdul-Salam, who was released a couple of days ago, revealed attempts of the state security authorities at eliciting false confessions out of him during interrogations describing their manner with him as “extremely bad.”

The conference concluded with another strike that repeated the same requests and condemned the continuance of suppression of liberties in Egypt as well as the Egyptian regime”s connivance with Israel.