• October 31, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Striking Names Off Electoral List Ignites Sit In & Protests

Striking Names Off Electoral List Ignites Sit In & Protests

The Egyptian University of Helwan on Tuesday October 31, 2006, witnessed protests and a sit in staged by the Muslim Brotherhood students in front of the office of the university president now that the university administration has struck over 500 MB names off the lists of student union election.

Crushed by the security forces, the MB students had to head to the university president office to shelter themselves from the attacks of the security forces ; no pressmen or news agencies were given access to monitor these violations.

 The university administration earlier yesterday announced  the names chosen by the security agencies ,excluding any other names, as is the case every year.

The MB students applied for candidacy in 14 faculties from Helwan university where the deputy university president promised the MB students to contain the crisis caused by the security agencies as the latter struck off names of the MB students from the electoral lists.

The deputy president promised that today Tuesday, all excluded students, including the MB ones, would be re included on the election lists.