Student Activists From Fayoum University Arrested

Student Activists From Fayoum University Arrested

A group of police recruits, today 20th, has arrested the student Mohamed Mahmoud Ragab (Fourth Grade at Faculty of Social Services) while he was in the shop of his family in Fayoum, they also arrested Ahmed Abdel Tawwab Ramadan (student at 3rd Grade, Faculty of Agriculture) today afternoon, from his house in Abshaway city, as people were amazed because arrests usually happen at dawn.


With the arrest of the two students, the number of student detainees reached 13 students, as the student Amr Ibrahim Mohamed (1st Grade, Faculty of Civilian Engineering), Khaled Ahmed (4th Grade, Faculty of Education) and Ali Mohamed Abdel Haseeb (3rd Grade, Faculty of Education).


The student Mohamed Ahmed Saad (3rd Grade Faculty of Science) was kidnapped, as well as Mohemd Haroun Shahat (4th Grade, Faculty of Science) and Ahmed Mohamed Soufy (3rd Grade, Faculty of Science) from the public hospital during a treatment of their wounds which was caused by the attack of security forces and thugs.


Four others were kidnapped from the court during a trial to submit a report to the Prosecution on the attacks against them and they are:

Mohamed Abdel Azim Ashour (4th Grade, Faculty of Education), Ahmed Ramadan Owais (2nd Grade, Faculty of Education), Ibrahim Mohamed Ali (2nd Grade, Faulty of Science) and Mohamed Ibrahim Ali Khadafy (3rd Grade, Faculty of Science).


Tuesday dawn, Osama Saleh Abdel Fadeel (student at the 4th Grade, Faculty of Civil Engineering) was arrested from his house in Totown village and by that, since Wednesday 8.4.2009, the number reached to 13 students from Fayoum University, as ten of them will stand before the prosecution tomorrow, after it had decided their detention for 15 days on pending investigation on Thursday 9.4.2009.